Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Major Nidal Hasan guilty on all counts. 

Can America Survive Our Growing Virtue Deficit? 

Yesterday we commented on the brutal murder of Christopher Lane, a young college student in Oklahoma, and how his death is being treated by the media compared to the Martin/Zimmerman confrontation, which was shamelessly exploited by the left. The Oklahoma incident will soon be purged from the public's consciousness because there is no narrative that serves the left. 

Today we have more evidence of why the left doesn't want to talk about the brutal Oklahoma murder. The evidence is growing that the shooter was a black racist who rejected everything that Dr. Martin Luther King believed in. 

President Obama sent the FBI to Florida to find evidence that George Zimmerman was a racist. Finding none, the Justice Department set up a call-in line to solicit anonymous tips. Still, nothing was found. 

But in the case of Christopher Lane's killer, all anyone has to do is check out the shooter's social media page. There he posted several tweets such as, "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM," and "With my ni--ers when it's time to start taken life's." Hate crime, racism, anyone? 

Today we have news of another vicious murder in Spokane, Washington, where two thugs brutally beat to death an 88 year-old World War II veteran. 

I repeat: We are living in a country of disintegrating families, fatherless children, a declining Judeo-Christian moral code and aggressive secularism. This "culture war" is being stoked by left-wing politicians who constantly exploit identity politics to attack cultural norms and inflame tensions. 

President Obama won't address it because he has regularly played the race card. Too many Republican leaders won't address it because they are afraid of being labeled bigots. 

If men and women of goodwill of all races don't step up soon, our budget deficit and growing military weakness won't matter. Our virtue deficit will destroy this great experiment in ordered liberty under God. 

The Not-So-Affordable Care Act 

The daily drip of bad news about Obamacare continued this week. Health insurance premiums are up more than $3,600 on average since 2008, in spite of Obama's repeated promises that the Affordable Care Act would lower premiums by $2,500. With Obamacare driving up costs, companies are taking steps to cut back.

UPS is dropping health care coverage for spouses. According to CNN, a company memo ironically told employees, "We are making these changes to offset cost increases due to the [Affordable Care Act]."  

The University of Virginia, which endorsed Obamacare, is dropping spouses too. So much for being able to keep your current plan if you like it. 

This growing trend highlights another of the perverse incentives in Obamacare: it encourages companies to end health care coverage entirely and dump entire families into Obamacare's exchange programs. This shouldn't surprise anyone. 

Barack Obama has spoken openly about his support for a socialist single-payer system, adding, "But I don't think we're going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There's going to be potentially some transition process." 

Obamacare is that "transition process" of "eliminating employer coverage," one giant step in the "fundamental transformation" of America into a European-style, socialist welfare state. 

Will Obama Shut Down The Government?

It is because of these and other negative consequences that congressional conservatives continue to fight Obamacare. Eighty House Republicans have signed a letter to Speaker John Boehner urging him not to include funds for Obamacare in upcoming spending bills. 

Let's be clear about the facts: Conservative members of Congress ARE NOT trying to shut down the government. They will fund the government -- EXCEPT FOR Obamacare -- which is failing miserably and remains politically unpopular. So much so, even Big Labor is turning against it. 

There will only be a government shutdown if Barack Obama and his liberal Senate allies continue to demand that we fund a job-killing, government expanding fiasco.