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Protecting Our Children, Importing Disease, Obama's Dishonest Department

Protecting Our Children

Opposition to Obama's radical agenda of allowing children to choose which bathrooms and locker rooms they want to use is growing. Here's the latest:

Misguided Elites, Fighting Back, The Intolerant Left, Kudos To Heaton

Misguided Elites

9/11. The D.C. sniper. Fort Hood. The Boston Marathon bombing. The Oklahoma City beheading. San Bernardino.

Those are just a few examples of terrorist attacks carried out in America by Islamic extremists. Sadly, we can expect more death and suffering in the long battle ahead.

Ugly Attacks On A Good Man, Terror In The Sky, Trump Takes The Lead?

Ugly Attacks On A Good Man

In recent days there has been a brutal attack leveled against well-known conservative leader and intellectual Bill Kristol. Bill has been in the cauldron of the Washington battle for many years. He has crossed swords with the left's best attack dogs and regularly defeated them. But this attack comes not from the left but from some on the right, and the level of vitriol hurled at Bill has crossed the line of civil discourse.

Iran Demands Reparations, Target Tanks, Peak Insanity? Not Yet, Like Big Government? Try Flying, Battle In The Bluegrass State, Trump's Judges

Iran Demands Reparations

Iran is now demanding reparations from the United States. The Iranian parliament yesterday voted 174-to-7 in favor of legislation seeking compensation for "spiritual and material damage" caused by U.S. policies over the past 63 years.

According to Majid Ansari, Iran's vice president for Parliamentary Affairs, Iranian courts have issued judgments of at least $50 billion against the United States.

This may seem laughable at first, but why wouldn't Iran make such a demand?

Did Tehran Terrorize U.S. Sailors?, Parents Oppose Open Bathrooms, Poll Predicts A Close Contest, Rebranding The Party?

Did Tehran Terrorize U.S. Sailors?

The Obama Administration's deception in selling the nuclear deal with Iran was the subject of a hearing on Capitol Hill this morning.

The White House refused to allow Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes to testify about his role in manipulating the media. Rhodes can talk to the New York Times Magazine but not members of Congress?

Obama Breaches Tradition, Court Calls For Compromise, Your Reaction

Obama Breaches Tradition

The commencement address to the 2016 graduating class of Rutgers University should have been a rewarding event for the students who worked so hard for so long. No doubt it was memorable in that the speaker was the president of the United States. But, sadly, although predictably, President Obama breached all unspoken traditions and protocols.

Obama's Culture War, Civil Rights Charade , Holding Kids Hostage, What Congress Could Do

Obama's Culture War

The economy is stagnant. ISIS continues its genocide. But the Obama Administration has the time to launch another blitz in its ongoing war against our Judeo-Christian culture.

Having successfully redefined marriage, the left is now trying to force its radical agenda into the schools and on our children. When conservatives warned that would happen, we were mocked. Well, here we are.

Trump & Ryan Meet, Democrat Divisions?, House Demands Answers, Happy Birthday, Israel!

Trump & Ryan Meet

A deeply divided Republican Party took a major step toward unity today. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan met this morning to discuss their differences as well as areas of agreement. After their meeting on Capitol Hill, they issued a joint statement. Below are some excerpts:

Primary Results, Tomorrow's Meeting, Rubio Comes Around, Facebook Is Censoring Your News Feed

Primary Results: The Democrats

The big contest for Democrats last night was West Virginia. (The Nebraska primary is non-binding.) Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to give former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fits. She just cannot put this race away.

Last night, Sanders beat Clinton by 15 points among West Virginia Democrats. That's a stunning reversal from 2008 when Clinton beat Barack Obama by 41 points. In 2008, Clinton won nearly 241,000 votes. Last night, she won only 86,000.

Obama v. The Constitution, Anti-Semitism Rising, Your Feedback, Democrat Divisions?

Obama v. The Constitution

The Obama Administration declared war yesterday on normalcy and the rule of law when Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that she was countersuing the state of North Carolina over its commonsense bathroom law.

Make no mistake about what is going on here: The Obama Administration is unilaterally rewriting the law. It is attempting to force every state in the nation to comply with its radical demand that men and boys who "identify" as women and girls suddenly have a new "civil right" to use whatever bathroom they choose.