Trump Takes Action, An Unplanned Success, The Assault On Faith

Monday, April 1, 2019

Trump Takes Action
Last week we told you about the growing crisis at the southern border.  There are predictions that more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants will enter the United States this year. 
Over the weekend, President Trump took action to address the crisis by cutting off $500 million in foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.  Trump told reporters, "We were paying them tremendous amounts of money, and we’re not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us."
The president has a point.  If the aid isn't accomplishing its goal of improving conditions so that massive numbers of Central American migrants don't want to leave their nations, then why keep paying it? 
If these Central American governments aren't using the funds to secure their borders and can't stop the caravans there, then why keep sending them so much money?
Doubling Down On Delusions
Still grieving the results of the Mueller report, many progressives seem stuck in denial and are doubling down on their delusions of Russian collusion. 
Last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Attorney General William Barr "arrogant" and "condescending."  Some are accusing Barr of a cover-up and are now threatening to subpoena the Mueller report.
Does anyone think for a second that Robert Mueller and his team of Hillary Clinton lawyers would stay silent if Barr were covering up anything?
Meanwhile, here's more evidence of just how out-of-touch the progressive left is.  A recent Harvard poll found that 64% of voters accept Mueller's findings that there was no collusion with Russia, and 68% believe congressional liberals should do so as well. 
And buried in a recent CBS poll was this finding:  54% of Americans now believe that the Mueller probe was "politically motivated," while just 37% say it was justified.  That represents a 22-point swing in public opinion from January, when CBS last polled this question.
An Unplanned Success
Appearing on a limited number of screens over its opening weekend, it is incredible that the pro-life film Unplanned managed to bring in roughly $7 million. The film is about the experience of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who became a powerful pro-life advocate.
Yet Hollywood, social media giants and the traditional media complex have gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent this film from gaining any attention.  It is really striking given how far they will go to promote films that are obscene and profane.
First, they gave Unplanned an R rating, which was totally absurd.  Far more graphic films frequently get PG-13 ratings.  So according to the left, a 16 year-old girl isn't mature enough to see a movie about abortion without a parent, but she is mature enough to have a real abortion without a parent even knowing about it.
It also meant that trailers for Unplanned could not run in any theater that wasn't showing an R-rated movie.  In other words, they were not allowed to advertise Unplanned before any G, PG or PG-13 films.
But that's not all.  Most TV networks, even cable networks such as the Hallmark Channel, refused to accept advertising dollars from the producers.  And few reviewers watched the film, which was probably a good thing because the left-wing reviewers likely would have panned it.
Over the weekend, the film's Twitter page began trending.  Not surprisingly, Twitter suspended the film's account Saturday and purged 100,000 of its followers.  The conservative backlash against the suspension was immediate and fierce.  The account was eventually reinstated and currently has more than 250,000 followers.
The left's systematic assault against Unplanned is just another example of its growing intolerance for conservative values and even the first principles (free speech) upon which this nation was founded.  This is a dangerous assault on the First Amendment in a supposedly free country.
The Assault On Faith
A second airport has joined San Antonio in banning Chick fil-A due to its "hateful," and "divisive" values.  You should care because those supposedly "hateful" and "divisive" values, in the opinion of the left, are traditional Christian beliefs. 
Chick fil-A does not discriminate against anyone.  The privately owned company, however, has in the past funded conservative, pro-family organizations and continues to support pro-family initiatives through its own philanthropic efforts, which it has every right to do.
The gay rights movement used to portray itself as a libertarian, live and let live, movement.  It is now a movement that regularly uses the nailed fist of government at every level to smash anyone who insists on morally disagreeing with its agenda. 
It began by asking for rights, but now it insists on taking rights away.  It refuses to allow Christians in the market place.  Just ask bakers, florists, photographers, football coaches and Catholic nuns who have been driven out of the public square simply for adhering to the teachings of their faith.
Explain this to your young Christian family members who may be confused about how same-sex marriage affects them. 
April Fool's Day
It's April Fool's Day, and I couldn't help but note how the left has been playing us for fools over and over again. 
They have been playing us for fools for two years over the absurd idea that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.
They played us for fools regarding the Covington Catholic high school boys when the media insisted that the boys threatened a Native American elder.
Jussie Smollett played us for fools with his sick joke of a hate crime that two white conservatives attacked him at two in the morning, in the middle of a polar vortex, claiming Chicago as "MAGA country."
And they keep playing us for fools claiming that the Green New Deal will be good for the environment and the economy, that forcing women to accept men in their bathrooms is "progress," and that "Medicare for All" means free healthcare and that college tuition for all can somehow be "free."