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Trump  Attacks On Multiple Fronts, Trump Returns Triumphant

Trump Attacks On Multiple Fronts
After one of the most brutal campaigns in modern American history and months of constants attacks by Soros-funded groups, big media and weak-kneed establishment swamp creatures, Donald Trump could be forgiven for running up the white flag.  Thank God that is not who he is.  This week the president launched multiple attacks against Barack Obama's legacy. 

Respect, Lying Media & Politicians, SPLC vs. VVS

The left likes to portray President Trump as an ignorant buffoon.  It did the same thing to Ronald Reagan, who was often derided as "an amiable dunce."  But at the end of the day, what matters most is not whether people like you, but whether they respect you.
In spite of all the negative press here at home and all the late night jokes, it seems many countries are coming to respect America more because they realize we have a serious leader in the White House. 

Trump Has A Pen Too, Trump Isn't The Problem, Goodell Scrambles
Trump Has A Pen Too


America First vs. Amnesty First, The Anthem War Continues, Hollywood Hypocrisy

America First vs. Amnesty First
Over the weekend, President Trump issued a comprehensive list of 70 immigration priorities that put America's security and America's workers first.  Trump wants Congress to consider these priorities as part of any amnesty deal for DACA recipients. 

ISIS Doubles Down, The Gun Control Debate, "Calm Before The Storm"

ISIS Doubles Down

ISIS is doubling down on its claim that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was "a soldier of the Islamic State."  The latest edition of the Islamic State's propaganda newsletter claims that Paddock converted six months ago.

One Man's Stand, Help & Leads, Collusion Delusion Continues

One Man's Stand
I'd like to start today with some encouraging news.  So kudos to citizen Thomas Gunderson, who displayed tremendous strength and patriotism yesterday.  Gunderson was among the hundreds of victims of the Las Vegas shooter. 
He was hit in the leg and feared he might "bleed out" on the field.  But, according to NBC News, he was dragged to safety by a group of women "who said they were off duty cops."  One used her belt as a tourniquet for Gunderson's leg.

Las Vegas Update, House Votes For Life, Bring Your Bible

Las Vegas Update

The investigation into Sunday's mass murder at a Las Vegas concert continues.  Here are some updates.

The Day After

The Day After

Predictably, many progressives and pundits immediately began talking about gun control in response to the Las Vegas tragedy.  But instead of gutting the Second Amendment, I propose that we resuscitate the First Amendment. 

Among other things, the First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion.  So, let's "unban" God.  What do I mean by that?

A Horrible Weekend, Trump Addresses America, Politicizing Tragedy

A Horrible Weekend

Many Americans woke up this morning to shocking news.  A gunman had opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas last night, killing at least 58 people.  Area hospitals reported that more than 500 people were treated for various injuries. 

Thank you, Green Bay!, I Want Justice Too, Day Of Atonement 

Thank you, Green Bay!

After last weekend's fiasco on professional football fields across the country, Middle America recovered the NFL's fumble last night in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  All Packers and Bears players stood last night for the national anthem. 

Prior to the game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers said his team would stand and link arms as a statement in favor of "equality, unity and love."