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What Did She Do?, Kudos To Walker, Stand

What Did She Do?

Fallen Heroes, Great Disrespect, "Undisputed Leader"

Fallen Heroes

D.C. Rocked, Operation Raging Bull, Kudos To Grassley

D.C. Rocked

A Big Win, Clinton Chutzpah, "Thank you, President Trump"

A Big Win
The House of Representatives today passed the first major tax reform bill since the Reagan era.  The vote was 227-to-205. 
No Democrats voted for the bill. Of the 13 Republicans who voted against it, 12 came from three high-tax blue states:  California, New Jersey and New York.  They were opposed to the elimination of the deduction for state income taxes and a cap on local property tax deductions.

Contrast In Priorities, Trump Returns, Progressives Press Impeachment

Contrast In Priorities

Legal News, FBI & Planned Parenthood, Speaking Of Investigations. . .

Legal News

"Hacks" Hit Back, Abandoning The Dream, Signs Of The Culture War

"Hacks" Hit Back

Friday, November 10, 2017

Honoring Our Veterans

Saturday is Veterans Day. Communities across the country will honor our military veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Dueling Tax Plans, More Left-wing Nonsense, Follow Me

Dueling Tax Plans

Senate Republicans met today to hear the outlines of a tax reform plan being drafted by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.  The broad outlines generally mirror the House plan, but there are some significant differences.  For example:

What Happened?, A Warning For 2018

What Happened?
No, this isn't a review of Hillary Clinton's new book.  Here's my take on last night's off-year election results.

First, I'll dispense with New Jersey.  Democrat Phil Murphy won by 13 points, which surprised no one.  This was never really a competitive race.