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Coup Has Started, Order In The Courts, Misplaced Priorities

"Coup Has Started"
Mark Zaid is not a household name.  Not yet at least.  But you're probably going to hear a lot about him in the days ahead.  Zaid is one of the lawyers representing the CIA leaker who colluded with Adam Schiff's staffers on the House Intelligence Committee to trigger the impeachment of President Trump.
As we noted in yesterday's report, Donald Trump, Jr., named the alleged "whistleblower" in a tweet yesterday -- Eric Ciaramella.  But I want to focus on Mr. Zaid.

Some Needed Context, The Blue Dominion, Leaker Outed

Some Needed Context
There's no denying that Democrats performed well in yesterday's off-year elections, especially in Virginia.  But the liberal news narrative is that the election was a "rebuke" of President Trump is misleading and desperately needs some context. 
For example, NBC News ran this headline last night: "Stunning Upset In Kentucky Elects Democrat Governor."  To begin with, as of this writing, Gov. Matt Bevin has not conceded. 

Murder In Mexico, Defending Religious Freedom, Mayhem In The Middle East

Murder In Mexico
There are conflicting reports, but it appears that at least nine members of an American family were murdered by Mexican drug cartel thugs.  They are members of a Mormon community in Mexico who were ambushed as they were traveling to pick up a relative. 

Trump Defends Religious Liberty, An Abuse Of Power, Pray For Persecuted Church

Trump Defends Religious Liberty
The Trump Administration announced Friday afternoon that it was rolling back an Obama-era regulation that tied the hands of faith-based organizations involved in adoptions and foster care efforts.

Sucking Lemons, Unfounded Concerns, Good News

"Sucking Lemons"
Tim Morrison, the senior director of European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council, testified before Rep. Adam Schiff's kangaroo court yesterday.  Morrison's appearance before the House Intelligence Committee was newsworthy for several reasons.

First, Morrison was one of the officials who was authorized to listen in on President Trump's call with the Ukrainian leader, so he has first-hand knowledge of what was said.  He also announced that he was leaving his NSC position prior to his testimony.

Pelosi's Halloween Trick, The White House Responds, Deep State Leaker Named

Pelosi's Halloween Trick
Speaker Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives served up a nasty trick on the American people this Halloween by voting 232-to-196 to establish rules for impeachment proceedings against President Trump. 

The Left's New Hero, Silencing Debate, Impeachment Insanity

The Left's New Hero
The left has found a new hero -- Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman.  He's considered a top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, and as such was among the many individuals who listened in on President Trump's July call with the Ukrainian president. 
Vindman testified before Adam Schiff's kangaroo court yesterday, saying that he was concerned about the conversation.  According to the New York Times, he told members of the House Intelligence Committee:

Pelosi's Resolution, Trump Can't Swim, Demonizing Police

Pelosi's Resolution
Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced late yesterday afternoon that the House will vote this week on an impeachment resolution.  But it's not entirely clear yet what the House will be voting on.  Asked by a reporter for clarification, Pelosi said, "It's not an impeachment resolution." 
So what is it then?  Well, we don't exactly know yet. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

BREAKING NEWS:  Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced this afternoon that the House will vote later this week, reportedly on Thursday, on a resolution establishing the procedure for the Democrats' impeachment of President Trump.

Barr Launches Criminal Probe, Stop This Charade, Abbott Intervenes

Barr Launches Criminal Probe
News broke last night that sent Deep State operatives rushing for the Maalox.  The New York Times reported that the Barr/Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax has changed from a formal review into a criminal probe.