After The Fall, Embracing The Radical Fringe, Punishing The Poor

Friday, June 2, 2023

After The Fall


The White House was in full damage control mode yesterday after the president’s hard fall. It was all-hands-on-deck to convince the American people not to believe their own eyes when it comes to Biden’s failing physical and mental health.


During a town hall event with Fox News in Iowa last night, Donald Trump expressed sadness at Biden’s fall and said he hopes the president recovers quickly. He reminded people of how Biden mocked him when Trump didn’t fall, but merely walked carefully down a wet ramp at West Point. 


Trump also said it was inappropriate to joke about Biden’s mental challenges. Trump revealed that he even called Sean Hannity to tell him to stop mocking Biden because it is so serious. 


When asked about Biden’s fall, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said:


"I hope that he didn’t sustain injuries and, if he did, I hope he has a speedy recovery. . . I’m running for president because I want the U.S. to have a speedy recovery from the injuries that Joe Biden has inflicted on the country.” 


Last week, Steve Forbes made headlines for declaring that Joe Biden would not be the Democrat presidential nominee in 2024. In the last 24 hours, a number of observers have suggested the same thing.


For example, in response to Biden’s fall, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, certainly no conservative, wrote, “Open the Democrat primaries and debates. This isn’t fair to anyone.”


A reporter for the left-wing outlet Axios noted, “Some top Democrats have privately been saying for months that they’re nervous about Biden tripping again on the trail. Today he did.”


This latest incident is another reminder of just how quickly and unexpectedly things can change. 




Embracing The Radical Fringe


Yesterday, June 1st, was the beginning of LGBTQ “Pride Month.” Pride flags are sprouting up everywhere, including at some churches that have gone off the rails. 


I’m putting up my pride flag today. You can see it here. That’s the only pride flag I’m flying this month!


Meanwhile, the focus on LGBTQ Pride Month is largely on the “T” in that group, and the controversies are intensifying. Fashion magazine Glamour decided to put a “pregnant man” on its June cover. 


Former Vice President Mike Pence blasted the Los Angeles Dodgers this week. Pence said:


“The Dodgers’ decision to invite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a hateful group that blatantly mocks Catholicism, . . . is deeply offensive. . . The MLB should not be apologizing to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, they should be apologizing to Catholics across America.”


Recently I’ve noticed a narrative emerging that suggests the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are just a fringe group and an embarrassment to the larger gay rights movement. I totally reject that analysis. Their bigotry is not just a fringe view. 


Don’t forget that the Dodgers initially backed down and disinvited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their “Pride celebration.” But under pressure from so-called “mainstream” gay rights groups, the Dodgers reversed course and even apologized to the perpetual anti-Catholic bigots.


The fact that any so-called “mainstream gay rights group” would want to be associated with and defend such an outrageous anti-Christian group tells you everything you need to know!


The militant homosexual rights movement is constantly at war with religious liberty and normalcy. It absurdly equates opposition to same-sex marriage with racism. 


The “mainstream” organizations that speak for the LGBTQ movement, along with allies like the ACLU and SPLC, are in the middle of a well-financed, aggressive effort to eliminate the religious rights of millions of Americans. 


This movement has deliberately ruined the lives of many Christians (herehere and here) simply because they are true to their faith. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence aren’t filing these lawsuits. 


They are being filed by the “mainstream groups” demanding that Christians participate in same-sex weddings. These “mainstream groups” are also demanding that our children in public schools and public libraries be exposed to obscene materials and bizarre ideas about gender. 


This movement is trying to criminalize biblical morality. It is trying to make Judeo-Christian values unspeakable as “hate speech,” while imposing its values on the rest of us.




Punishing The Poor


One of the things the left always says about conservatives and pro-life activists is that we hate poor people and won’t provide healthcare to women. Well, two conservative states, Oklahoma and Texas, are trying to provide healthcare to low-income women and families, but the Biden Administration is stopping them.


Biden has cut off Title X funds to Oklahoma and Texas because they don’t allow taxpayer funds to pay for or promote abortion. So, Biden is punishing poor people in these states over fake healthcare. 


Pregnancy isn’t a disease. Abortion isn’t health care. It’s a death sentence for innocent babies!


So, once again, the left’s narrative is totally false. It’s the left that is preventing poor women and families from getting access to healthcare services.


By the way, many low-income residents of Chicago are furious after the city council voted to spend $51 million to support illegal aliens.


And don’t forget that the Obama/Biden Administration tried to tell the Little Sisters of the Poor that they couldn’t serve the poor unless they paid for abortions.




Words Matter


A dispute this week between ESPN and the governor of Alabama shows why it is so important for conservatives to push back on the left’s attempts to use deceptive words in order to fool the public.


This week, Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation protecting collegiate women’s sports from men who pretend to be women. Here’s how the leftists at ESPN described the legislation, “Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation on Tuesday that will ban transgender women from playing on female sports teams in college.”


Someone not paying close attention might be confused as to why the governor would ban “women from playing on female sports teams.” So, Ivey responded to ESPN’s spin.


She tweeted: “Let me fix that ESPN: *Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation on Tuesday that will ban biological MEN from playing on FEMALE sports teams in college.”


No conservative should ever say “trans women.” It suggests that men can become women. They can’t. It is an outrageous lie to suggest they can. But today the left is insisting that we all must lie by calling a man “she” or “her.” 


The famous philosopher and Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn warned that we must never allow anyone -- the left or the state -- to force us to lie because lies and violence are intertwined. He said:


“Violence cannot conceal itself behind anything except lies, and lies have nothing to maintain them save violence. Anyone who has once proclaimed violence as his method must inexorably choose the lie as his principle. . . The simple act of an ordinary brave man is not to participate in lies, not to support false actions!”




Left-wing Lunacy



  • Harvard is hiring disgraced, fired former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to teach about “Health Policy and Leadership.”


  • Planned Parenthood is celebrating “Pride Month” by promoting a “man” who had an abortion.





Other Headlines


  • Tens of thousands of innocent babies have been saved by the Dobbs decision.


  • Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed legislation protecting children from drag queen performances.


  • Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen signed legislation protecting innocent babies from abortion and protecting children from mutilating transgender surgeries.


  • The Loudoun County, Virginia, school board was ordered to release the results of a taxpayer-funded internal investigation of the school board’s coverup of sexual assaults committed by a “non-binary” male student in girls’ bathrooms.


  • WNBA star Brittney Griner is now happy to stand for the national anthem. It’s a shame it took 10 months in a Russian prison for Griner to learn some appreciation for America, but it’s progress. 


  • A crazed New York City college professor who assaulted pro-life students and threatened to murder a reporter has been fired. Any day a neo-Marxist professor is fired is a good day!