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The Supremes Return, Women’s Rights No More, Biden’s Political Prisoners

The Supremes Return


Today is an important day in Washington, D.C. On the first Monday in October the Supreme Court begins its new term, and starts hearing the critical cases that will shape our laws and culture for decades to come. 


I have been intimately involved in Supreme Court confirmation battles for decades. I led the grassroots efforts to get Clarence Thomas confirmed in 1991. I publicly resisted George W. Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers in 2005, paving the way for his selection of Samuel Alito instead. 


Biden Desecrates Rosh Hashanah, Cleaning Up The FBI, Ginni Goes To Capitol Hill

Biden Desecrates Rosh Hashanah


Today, at a White House celebration of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), Joe Biden repeated his disgusting lie that President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, “good people.”  Biden did the same thing at a White House “unity summit” earlier this month.


The War Drums Beat Louder, FBI Whistleblower Gets Backup, Bidenflation Strikes Again

“Where’s Jackie?”


America First, The Broken FBI, Two Standards Of Justice

America First


America First, The Broken FBI, Two Standards Of Justice

America First


Hunter’s Honey Pot, Meloni & The Left’s Misogyny, Barack Is Back

Hunter’s Honey Pot


Hillary’s Nazi Smear, Italy’s New Leader, Fascism In America

Hillary’s Nazi Smear


Speaking at a left-wing event over the weekend, Hillary Clinton compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and his popular rallies to Nazi rallies. 


Pro-Life Is Pro-Science, A Moment Of Truth, Election Preview

Pro-Life Is Pro-Science


Two things happened this week that impact how we think about babies developing in the womb. One development was announced by a group of scientists. The other was announced by a politician who embarrassed herself. First the scientists.


The Left's Eco-Insanity, Israel & Intersectionality, Biden & "Palestine"

The Left’s Eco-Insanity


Do you enjoy your iPhone?  Do you like having a comfortable home in the summer and winter?  Do you think abundant and affordable energy is important to our economy and national security?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve got big problems with today’s left that believes “green energy” will power everything.  It won’t and it can’t.


A Dangerous Time, Blood On His Hands, It's All About The Money

A Dangerous Time


I am happy to see the recent Ukrainian successes on the battlefield.  Russian leader Vladmir Putin is obviously a bad guy. 


But I have also been deeply skeptical about the idea that we should be all in on the Ukraine war, particularly when our courageous men and women in uniform would be under the leadership of this commander-in-chief and his woke generals.  After Biden’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, I have zero confidence in him and his secretary of defense.