Biden’s Big Lie, Biden’s Police State, Biden’s Obstruction

Friday, September 22, 2023

Biden’s Big Lie


In the closing years of my mother’s life, when she was living with Carol and me, she suffered from a form of dementia or perhaps Alzheimer’s. One of the indications there was something wrong was that she would say something to us and just a minute or two later, she would bring up exactly the same subject and repeat exactly what she had just said.


It was very frustrating and depressing. It broke our hearts because my mother was a very sharp lady, yet she couldn’t help it. As she deteriorated, she had to give up some things in life because she could no longer handle them, given the state of her mental condition.


That’s what we’re dealing with in our current president, but those around him who love him won’t tell him that. Or maybe they do, but he forgets. 


Here’s why I’m raising this issue now.


Earlier this week, Joe Biden attended a fundraiser in Manhattan and explained to the audience why he decided to run for president in 2020. Biden claims he made the decision to run after he allegedly witnessed Donald Trump calling neo-Nazis at the 2017 Charlottesville riots “fine people.”


Biden has told this story before. But at the Manhattan fundraiser, he told it twice within a few minutes, just like my mother used to do.


I don’t think the main issue with Joe Biden is that he’s incapable, which is serious enough. 


The main issue is that he’s a liar, and he’s empowering evil people. The Charlottesville story he told twice is a bald-faced lie, one he has repeated over and over since the day he launched his campaign.


Just like his son, Beau, dying in combat, it’s not true


Just like his days as a truck driver, it’s not true.


Just like his uncle’s Purple Heart, it’s not true.


Just like his three degrees and graduating at the top of his class, it’s not true


Just like he never discussed Hunter’s business with him, it’s not true.


And it’s the worst kind of lie to suggest that Donald Trump praised Nazis. He did not


This is wrong on so many counts, and it’s another sign of the great danger we’re facing on so many fronts. 


By the way, if it wasn’t already obvious after the Afghanistan debacle, Biden’s shrinking mental capacity is another reason why no one should be pushing Biden to get the United States involved in a war with anybody!




Biden’s Police State


A new poll shows that 72% of Americans fear our country is becoming “a police state” engaged in “mass surveillance, censorship and ideological indoctrination.”


I believe strongly in America as the land of the free. So, it’s shocking to see our country described as a “police state.” But, it’s no mystery why so many Americans are worried. We all see what’s happening.


There’s literal Marxist indoctrination taking place in our government-run schools. Legal immigrants who escaped socialist or communist nations are terrified by what they’re seeing in our schools today. (Here and here.)


Laws meant to stop foreign enemies have been turned against U.S. citizens. Biden’s Justice Department and the FBI went after concerned parents at school board meetings, calling them “domestic terrorists.” The FBI even spied on traditional churches.


Elements of the Deep State lied to us for years claiming Trump colluded with Russia. He didn’t! Those same rogue agencies later colluded with social media billionaires to censor the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop.


There is a blatant two-tiered system of justice. Radical left-wing rioters get off scot-free, while peaceful pro-life activists face years in jail.


The justice system at every level is being weaponized against Biden’s main political opponent. This is the stuff of banana republics, not the land of the free.


Americans overwhelmingly believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. It’s not just economic concerns that have them worried. There’s a growing sense that our country is fundamentally off track, that America is not America anymore.


We must take our country back and preserve our freedoms. 




Biden’s Obstruction


A third IRS whistleblower has come forward to expose corruption within the so-called “Justice Department.” Michael Batdorf, an IRS director of field operations, told congressional investigators that the Biden Justice Department blocked efforts to prosecute Hunter Biden. 


Batdorf told Congress, “[The Department of Justice’s Tax Division] would have to authorize charges prior to David Weiss recommending an indictment or prosecution. My understanding is that he [Weiss] can’t make that decision without DOJ Tax authorization.”


Attorney General Merrick Garland has repeatedly insisted that Weiss had full authority to do whatever he felt was appropriate. That clearly wasn’t the case. 


This is also known as obstruction of justice. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer accused the Biden White House of obstructing his investigation every step of the way. 


When Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff impeached Donald Trump over a phone call, they had only one whistleblower, Alexander Vindman. He was treated like a national hero by the media.


Well, we now have three whistleblowers from the IRS, who are courageously exposing corruption at the highest levels, and the left is trying to destroy them.




Reforms Needed Now


A shocking report about the quality of government-run schools in Baltimore was released this week. Unbelievably, there was not one student – not one! – at 40% of the city’s high schools who was proficient in math. Sadly, Baltimore is not alone


Minority children comprise the vast majority of students in the Baltimore school system. The progressive left’s alliance with radical teachers’ unions is obviously hurting minority children and families – the very people whose votes they count on to stay in power.


Liberals should be standing with parents to save the children trapped in these failing schools where teachers are obviously not teaching. But it’s the exact opposite. The left hates school choice and any kind of serious educational reform. 


By the way, this has nothing to do with money. Per student spending in the Baltimore school system is among the highest in the nation. Last year, the city spent $1.6 billion on its schools. 


Even after you finish teaching anti-American history and teaching children they can change genders, there surely would be some money left over for math!


Our children deserve better. We need major educational reforms now




Other Headlines


  • Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach successfully sued the state bureaucracy to force its compliance with a state law requiring birth certificates to reflect a person’s biological gender, not their “gender identity.”


  • Students are increasingly taking a stand against radical transgender policies that endanger young girls.


  • A professor whose work was critical to promoting the narrative of “systemic racism” was fired for falsifying his research. 


  • After an intense backlash, the Navy canceled an online recruiting program that featured a drag queen as a “Navy digital ambassador.”





Day Of Atonement


Jews throughout the world will observe Yom Kippur Sunday evening. Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish year and it is a solemn day. It is known as the Day of Atonement because it marks God’s forgiveness of His chosen people for the sin of the golden calf.


Many Israelis remember the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Arab armies took advantage of the holiday to launch a surprise attack against Israel. After intense fighting throughout the month of October, Israel ultimately prevailed.


Please join Carol and me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem and for a peaceful Yom Kippur for our Jewish friends.