Biden Desecrates Rosh Hashanah, Cleaning Up The FBI, Ginni Goes To Capitol Hill

Friday, September 30, 2022

Biden Desecrates Rosh Hashanah


Today, at a White House celebration of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), Joe Biden repeated his disgusting lie that President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, “good people.”  Biden did the same thing at a White House “unity summit” earlier this month.


Multiple media outlets – even left-wing outlets like the BBC and CNN – have repeatedly debunked this Biden attack.  It is a vile lie of the worst kind!


Surely, Biden’s staff have informed him multiple times that what he is saying is not true.  And yet he continues to repeat it, including today to a Jewish audience. 


Every once in a while, a Christian will contact me to insist that my rhetoric about Biden is “too harsh.”  How should I describe a man who constantly attempts to set Americans at each other’s throats by intentionally exacerbating racial, religious and ethnic differences?  He is a demagogue of the worst kind! 


He has called law enforcement “racist.”  He has called half the country “semi-fascist” and a “dagger at the throat of American democracy.” 


Now he’s telling American Jews that the previous president – who has Jewish children and grandchildren, and who did more to fight anti-Semitism and to stand with Israel than any president since Harry Truman – supported neo-Nazis. 


He did not.  Donald Trump specifically condemned the neo-Nazis and white supremacists!


I still hear some Republicans in Washington say, “We may not agree with Joe, but he sure is a nice guy.”  No, he is not a nice guy.  This is evil.  It is consistent with his total commitment to ensuring that as many innocent preborn children as possible are killed every year.


Shame on you, Joe Biden – if you have any sense of shame left.




Cleaning Up The FBI


Senator Charles Grassley, Rep. Jim Jordan and other prominent conservatives have been leading the charge to reform the FBI.  They’re talking to numerous whistleblowers who are providing members of Congress with vital information on how far off the rails the FBI has gone. 


This week, we have highlighted the courageous stand that some of these whistleblowers are taking to expose corruption and abuse within the FBI.  Unfortunately, partisan hacks and rogue ideologues within the Bureau are now targeting these patriots. 


Yesterday, Jordan said that several whistleblowers have been punished, which is a violation of federal law.  Some have had their security clearances revoked, a career-ending move that often happens before people are fired.  Jordan also warned that the FBI is trying to “purge agents with conservative views.”


More than 20 members of Congress have demanded that Attorney General Merrick Garland explain the extraordinary circumstances that led the FBI to raid the home of Mark Houck, a peaceful pro-life activist, after state authorities found no grounds to press charges. 


Sadly, I doubt Garland will respond.  If he does, it will be a non-answer that explains nothing. 


There’s only one way to get those answers.  If the House of Representatives and the Senate are under “new management” next year, Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray can be issued subpoenas and put under oath, facing contempt of Congress if they refuse to comply. 


And since progressives have set the standard that they’re going to put people in jail for contempt of Congress, then that’s exactly what House and Senate conservatives should do!


That’s not just hyperbole, my friends.  Reforming the FBI and restoring the public’s trust in the agency is absolutely imperative. 




Ginni Goes To Capitol Hill


Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, testified before the January 6th Committee yesterday.  Her testimony came after weeks of negotiations between her lawyers and the committee, which is conducting a Stalinist show trial. 


Her testimony took place behind closed doors.  But it was notable that go-to hacks in Big Media, including CNN’s Jake Tapper and lead Mueller investigator Andrew Weissmann, both said that she was “unhinged” and “crazy.” 


This is how they smeared her because she continues to doubt the 2020 election results.  This is not a “fringe” opinion.  Millions of Americans have serious doubts about the 2020 elections, including me.


By the way, accusing your political opponents of being crazy when they challenge your power is exactly what Stalin and every communist dictator after him did.  If someone opposed the Soviet state or disagreed with the Soviet state, the communists accused them of being insane and had them locked up.


Of course, multiple leftists are attacking Ginni Thomas in order to get at Justice Clarence Thomas because they desperately want to get one of the solid conservatives off the Supreme Court.  And I’m sure Thomas would be their top choice.


Now some people might say, “Well, that’s not going to happen.”  Really?


Progressives are making all kinds of outlandish demands.  If Chuck Schumer has a significant majority next year, anything could happen.




Kamala Goes Communist


I didn’t sleep well last night. Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris was in divided Korea to reassure our ally, South Korea, that we are standing with them.  Instead, Harris announced that we would stand with our close ally, “the Republic of North Korea.”


North Korea is run by a vicious communist dictator.  Kim Jong Un fired off missiles before and after Harris’s visit to South Korea.


Of course, our alliance is with South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, but Harris never corrected herself.  North, South -- what’s the difference?  Who cares, right?  It’s just a little mistake.  But it isn’t a little mistake.


If you called your wife or husband by the wrong name, would your spouse think that’s just a little mistake?  I suspect there would be a war in your house! 


This latest Harris flub, and there have been many, follows on the heels of President Biden’s meltdown earlier this week.  Biden’s talking to dead people and Harris is stepping on mines in the Demilitarized Zone, seemingly unaware of who our ally is. 


The image they are projecting is one of incompetence coupled with mental incapacity.  I won’t sleep any better tonight!




Biden Giveth & Taketh Away


Facing a number of serious court challenges (see below), the Biden Administration tweaked its student loan amnesty scheme this week.  As a result, millions of borrowers were suddenly knocked out of the program and are no longer eligible for Biden’s generosity.  How unfair!


My friends, is that the kind of country you want to live in?  One in which a wannabe dictator can give unbelievable benefits and then take them away if he gets up on the wrong side of the bed on any given day?


Whether it’s the border and immigration policy or student loans and the integrity of contracts, the rule of law matters!




Other Headlines


  • The first significant lawsuits against Biden’s $400 billion student loan amnesty have been filed.  (Here and here.)


  • Oklahoma Children’s Hospital has stopped castrating boys and cutting off the breasts of teenage girls after state legislators banned taxpayer money for so-called “gender affirming medical care” for minors.  Other states should do the same.



  • A “Red Wave” this November, recently dismissed by the media, is still possible based on recent polling data the media are hiding.


  • Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki evidently is capable of telling the truth.