Biden Goes Nuclear, Empowering Communist China, The Cover-up Continues

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Biden Goes Nuclear


President Biden was speaking at a fundraiser a few months ago when he said we might be on the verge of “nuclear Armageddon.”  Curiously, he didn’t seem to be all that upset about it. Well, he’s back on the topic again. 


While trying to address climate change at another fundraising event last night, Biden said this, “If we don’t stay under 1.5 degrees Celsius, we’re going to have a real problem. It’s the single-most existential threat to humanity we’ve ever faced, including nuclear weapons.”


Let me say the obvious: If there is a nuclear war, the climate is going to be seriously damaged. In addition, cities will be destroyed and millions of people will be killed. And whether we have a nuclear war or not depends on decisions and mistakes that human beings make. 


Meanwhile, it is debatable whether human beings can do very much about the temperature of the earth, which has gone up and down long before human beings were building factories and driving SUVs. 


The biggest determinant of the temperature on earth is a little thing called the sun, and, thankfully, Joe Biden isn’t in charge of that! But this climate change delusion that Biden is operating under has real consequences. 


We are risking ruining our entire economy in this mad dash to stop using the very fuels responsible for our prosperity, and that are, quite frankly, the only hope that a billion poor people around the world have of ever escaping poverty.




Empowering Communist China


It cannot be repeated often enough that the radical “green agenda” is empowering communist China, especially the way Biden is implementing it


Every day by its actions, the Chinese communist regime is neutralizing anything we claim to be doing to stop the earth’s temperature from rising. But Biden is telling them that he cares about this issue more than anything else, and they have already exploited that fact to force concessions from him.


As we have reported, communist China is preparing for war, and it will not be a “green war.” It will be a war that will be won or lost based on carbon energy and fossil fuels. 


As you know, Biden has drained one-third of our emergency oil supply, and is now refusing to refill it


What is communist China doing? It is massively expanding its own oil supplies, in part by buying the oil Biden released from our reserve! 


The missiles and military aircraft that we will depend on in any future conflict are not powered by solar panels or windmills. 


The Abrams tanks that Biden has now agreed to send to Ukraine don’t measure fuel consumption in “miles per gallon,” but “gallons per mile.” They can burn up to three gallons of carbon-based fuel (usually jet fuel) for every mile traveled. There are serious questions about Ukraine’s ability to supply and fuel these tanks.


And speaking of these tanks, less than one year ago, Biden dismissed the idea of sending “offensive equipment” like tanks to Ukraine, saying, “Don’t kid yourself, no matter what y’all say, that’s called World War III.”


The factories we need to grow our industrial base, which the experts tell us is not capable of rearming America in a war, run on energy created from fossil fuels not windmills. The electricity they use is fueled by natural gas, coal and nuclear power.


None of these facts are going to change anytime soon.




The Cover-up Continues


The Biden White House seems to have a problem telling the truth. Multiple officials have repeatedly misled reporters and the American people about the events surrounding Biden’s classified documents scandal. 


Late yesterday afternoon, we learned that the FBI also searched the Penn Biden Center back in November after his lawyers found classified documents in a closet. Why are we just now learning about this search? Why was the FBI’s involvement kept secret back in November?


It is just more evidence of the cover-up that has been taking place, as well as the subservience of the Justice Department to this White House and its radical agenda.


Meanwhile, the drama continues. There was breaking news this morning that FBI agents showed up at Biden’s Rehoboth, Delaware, beach house today. 


We’ll see what, if anything, turns up. After all, Biden and his team of lawyers have now had months to scrub it clean.


Now, when will the FBI raid Biden’s stash of Senate papers that are locked up at the University of Delaware?




Trump’s Strong Statement


I know conservatives, Christians and many good people are divided over the best person to nominate for president. And, of course, winning the nomination isn’t the only battle. You also have to win the election with someone who has the courage to do the things that must be done. 


Donald Trump demonstrated that quality yet again yesterday, and once he makes a decision, he doesn’t back down. Trump issued a very powerful statement condemning the radical transgender agenda in no uncertain terms. He said:


“No serious country should be telling its children that they were born with the wrong gender. . . Under my leadership this madness will end.”


Trump also offered several very specific policy proposals. He said he will ban hospitals and doctors that perform gender mutilating surgeries on children from receiving federal funds under Medicare and Medicaid. 


He will order the Justice Department to investigate whether Big Pharma is hiding information about the long-term negative effects of puberty blockers and other powerful chemical treatments.


Trump vowed to keep men out of women’s sports, and said that his Department of Education would celebrate the traditional family, the important roles of mothers and fathers, and our gender differences, rather than trying to erase those differences.