Biden vs. Bibi, Tlaib vs. Biden, Blinken's Blunder

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Biden vs. Bibi


The United States vetoed a pro-Hamas resolution at the U.N. Security Council today calling for a permanent ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist terrorist group. That’s the good news.


The bad news is that there are multiple reports indicating that the Biden administration is pushing its own resolution that still attempts to force Israel into a “temporary ceasefire,” which will result in enormous pressure on Israel to maintain the ceasefire.


Moreover, the resolution reportedly calls on Israel to refrain from eliminating the final Hamas brigades in Rafah and again pushes the idea of a two-state solution – Israel and “Palestine” living side-by-side in peace.


Make no mistake about this: There is virtually no support in Israel for a Palestinian state right now.


To prove the point, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu submitted a resolution to his cabinet on Sunday. The cabinet, composed of a coalition representing multiple Israeli parties, voted unanimously to reject “international diktats regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians.”


Many governments around the world are using this war to push for the creation of a Palestinian state, which, by definition, is the taking of land away from the tiny nation of Israel to create another radical Islamist terrorist state in the Middle East.


This new state would be created because of the war that broke out after Hamas massacred more than 1,000 Israelis. So, in this circumstance, Biden thinks it’s a really good idea to reward Hamas for its terrorism.


But let’s say this tragedy happens and a Palestinian state is created. It won’t be “Palestine.” It will be “Hamastan,” and it won’t take long for that state to attack Israel, calling additional land in Israel “occupied territory.”


Hamas is not interested in peace with Israel or even a piece of Israel. It wants all of Israel, and Hamas leaders have repeatedly made that clear.




Tlaib vs. Biden


There is another critical element at work in this crisis. Joe Biden is increasingly ratcheting up the pressure on Israel to back down because he is facing increasing pressure from the left’s growing Muslim and young progressive base.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib is browbeating Biden into submission. The congresswoman from Dearborn has endorsed an effort to embarrass Joe Biden by encouraging Michigan residents to “vote uncommitted” in the state’s upcoming primary.


The Biden campaign knows it has a big problem. His campaign manager recently tried to meet with Muslim leaders in Michigan. They refused to meet with her.


So, the White House dispatched top policy aides to meet with them. It didn’t go well. Some Muslim leaders still refused to attend the meeting.


It is important to understand just how radical Tlaib and her supporters are. She has openly worked with Hamas operatives in the United States. Her anti-Semitism has repeatedly caused controversy. And in the immediate aftermath of the October 7th massacre by Hamas, Tlaib refused to condemn the vicious murders.


In fact, she did it again just last week. The House of Representatives unanimously supported a resolution condemning the sexual terrorism committed by Hamas. But Tlaib refused to support the resolution. She voted “present.”


So, now it seems that Joe Biden is increasingly willing to sacrifice the people of Israel to appease his left-wing base. By the way, no other progressive would be handling this any differently. I have been warning for years about the growing anti-Semitism of the progressive left.




Blinken’s Blunder


There are wars and threats of war all over the world. Some experts think we’re headed toward a third world war. So, with crises in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, the people at Biden’s State Department must be really busy, burning the midnight oil on the most serious issues.


Well, Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently found time to issue a memo instructing State Department employees on -- wait for it -- what pronouns they can use when referring to men and women.


He also instructed State Department employees to avoid gender specific words like “ladies” and “gentlemen,” “mother” and “father,” “husband” and “wife.”


The theme of this memo was respecting other people’s gender identity. But the memo really is a war on reality and truth.


State Department employees were instructed to identify their preferred pronouns in emails and meetings. If you get on a Zoom call, you’re supposed to tell people what your preferred pronouns are to avoid any misunderstandings.


But the memo also said that gender identity is fluid. So, if someone wants to be called “he” on Monday, you can’t assume it will be the same on Tuesday. Someone can feel differently and change genders at any time.


This is yet another demand by the radical LGBTQ movement, a movement that said, “Leave us alone so we can live our own lives.” But it has no intention of leaving us alone!


The homosexual lobby succeeded in redefining the meaning of marriage, which many Americans thought was just a matter of “fairness.” But now this movement is redefining normalcy. Now it is telling you what language you must use.


Now we have men and boys invading girls’ and women’s bathrooms and girls’ and women’s sports. As a result, athletic records set by girls and women are falling like dominoes. Girls are also being cheated out of college scholarships, their hopes and dreams are being crushed. But it’s even worse than that.


Not long ago, virtually everyone in America believed that it was wrong for men to beat up women because women are obviously weaker than men. But now the progressive left thinks it is great progress that men and boys are beating up women and girls in sports competitions. (Here and here.)


The latest example involves a Massachusetts high school girls’ basketball team that forfeited a game after three of its players were injured by the end of the first half. It turns out that one of the players on the opposing team is a boy. He’s at least six feet tall and has facial hair.


This is total insanity! Yet, the most powerful people in government, in academia, and the media are attempting to force it on all of us.




The Transcript Debate


An internal debate is raging within the Biden White House over whether to release the transcript of the president’s five-hour interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.


Members of Congress are demanding that it be released, and Biden’s confused comments during his recent press conference blasting Hur have only fueled those demands.


So, why the delay? If the transcript helped Biden, I guarantee it would have been released by now. Clearly, there are serious concerns among Biden aides that it will do the exact opposite.


By the way, those same concerns likely led the White House to nix the president’s Super Bowl interview. And consider this from left-wing New York Times columnist Ezra Klein:


“Biden has done fewer interviews than any recent president, and it’s not close. By this point in their presidencies, Barack Obama had given more than 400 interviews and Trump had given more than 300. Biden has given fewer than 100.” 




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