Biden's Dangerous Speech, Trashing The Constitution

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Biden's Dangerous Speech


I don't know about you, but I'm still furious about President Biden's outrageous speech on the coronavirus last week.  That was a dangerous speech – in some ways even more dangerous than the virus itself.


As we have previously noted, Biden argued two completely contradictory points.  He demanded that everyone get the vaccine because it saves lives.  Research shows that few people get seriously ill after taking the vaccine. 


We also know that the risk of "serious breakthrough infections" – fully vaccinated people getting infected and becoming seriously ill – is extremely low.


But then Biden totally undermined the good news about the vaccine.  He attacked unvaccinated Americans, claiming they were putting all of us – including the vaccinated – at risk. 


That's just not true.  If the vaccine is generally effective, the only people the unvaccinated are putting at risk are other unvaccinated people.  Biden conceded as much when he declared, "This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated." 

So, Biden not only undercut the argument for vaccination, he needlessly demonized millions of Americans – our family members, our children, people we go to church with. 


And here's why Biden's remarks were so dangerous:  A recent poll asked Americans who they considered to be the biggest threats to the country.  Fifty-six percent of self-identified Democrats said the biggest threat to the country is "the unvaccinated." 


Not the Taliban.  Not communist China, Russia or the record number of illegal aliens we know nothing about.   Well, who's telling Democrats to fear their fellow citizens?  Joe Biden.  Who's stirring up this division?  Our "unity president" Joe Biden.


But Biden didn't stop there.  He ordered American businesses to force their employees to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.  So, now if you don't follow Joe Biden's orders, you could lose your house and might not be able to feed your family. 


I expect this outrageous abuse of power in North Korea and communist China, but not in America -- the land of the free.


We know the virus mutates rapidly.  Some scientists worry it will become even more dangerous.  The virus is also making us mutate into a quasi-totalitarian state where big government is dictating what we must put into our bodies. 


Many conservative governors are vowing to sue the federal government.  I hope and pray they win, so Joe Biden is reminded that he's not a dictator.




Biden Trashes The Constitution


The lamestream media are reporting that the vaccine mandate is a conundrum for Republicans.  The GOP does not want to be seen as opposed to the vaccine because the public overwhelmingly supports it. 


But Republican governors are fighting hard against Biden's efforts to force businesses to punish unvaccinated Americans.  Left-wing commentators think this is a problem for Republicans. 


Well, I have no doubt that the same flawed media polls that frequently show conservatives losing are being rigged to show support for Americans being bullied by big government.


But there is other polling out there conducted by an organization with a good track record.  A new Trafalgar poll finds that nearly 60% of voters do not believe President Biden has the authority to force private businesses to require vaccines as conditions of employment.  Even 27% of Democrats say Biden doesn't have that authority. 


If there's one thing Americans don't like it's big government dictating a "one size fits all" approach to controversial issues. 


You can be in favor of vaccines for high-risk populations and at the same time believe Americans who disagree should not be economically punished and demonized.  Surely those who believe in limited government can effectively counterattack against this outrageous big government mandate.




Stand With Me


We must fight back against Joe Biden's socialist, big government mandates!


We must defend freedom from the radical left!


Please stand with American Values right now!




Blinken Gets Battered


Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday.  His remarks won no friends on Capitol Hill. 


For starters, it was too much for him to make the five-mile trip from the State Department to Capitol Hill, so he testified by Zoom. That alone was totally disrespectful of "the people's House." 


I suspect it was done so people could be in the room with Blinken at the State Department helping him navigate the questions.  He is the most unimpressive secretary of state I have seen in decades, and that's saying a lot.  Blinken is making John Kerry look good!


During this entire Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, the Biden Administration has insisted that it had no choice but to follow Trump's withdrawal plan or send tens of thousands of troops to war.  Well, this administration has had no problem reversing every other Trump policy it encountered, so why should we believe they stuck to Trump's plan in Afghanistan?


Yesterday, Blinken was asked what kind of plan he inherited from the Trump Administration and he said there was no Trump plan.  Well, which is it?  Was Trump's plan responsible for this disaster or was Biden's plan responsible for this disaster?


As you may recall, the Biden Administration also insisted that it had no idea that the Taliban would overrun the country so quickly.  But the intelligence shows there were plenty of warnings.  In fact, Biden even called the former Afghan president and told him to "change the perception" that the government was losing, "whether it's true or not."


During yesterday's hearing, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) ripped into Blinken, accusing him of lying to Congress and the American people by manipulating the intelligence that warned the Taliban was making major gains on the ground.  Other House Republicans demanded Blinken's resignation.


Secretary Blinken appeared this morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  The hearing started with Chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) threatening to subpoena Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin because he refused to voluntarily appear with Blinken this morning.


In his opening testimony, Blinken again said that the Biden Administration expected the Taliban to keep its commitments to humanitarian norms regarding the treatment of women and minorities.  That absurd claim prompted Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to blast Blinken and the Biden Administration for "being detached from reality." 


Johnson is absolutely right.  There's no reason to trust these terrorists.  They just reopened their Ministry of Vice and Virtue, which is responsible for enforcing the brutality of Sharia law.  That doesn't bode well at all for women and religious minorities in Afghanistan.


And kudos to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who condemned the Biden Administration for giving "aid and comfort to the enemy" in the form of $64 million in "humanitarian aid."


Paul also pressed Blinken about reports that the Biden Administration may have mistakenly killed an Afghan aid worker in a drone strike last month.  Blinken said, "I don't know because we're reviewing" the intelligence. 


Senator Paul shot back, "You'd think you'd kinda know before you off somebody with a Predator drone whether he's an aid worker or he's in ISIS."