The Caravans Are Coming , A Message To Conservatives, Confronting Communist China

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Caravans Are Coming


Another caravan comprised of thousands of illegal immigrants is headed our way. They're breaking laws all over Mexico as they clash with police and law enforcement on their march north toward our border. 


Incredibly, some are angry that Joe Biden isn't doing enough to keep the borders open, believing they have a right to walk into our country. Others are defiant and openly mocking the president, saying to reporters, "Tell Biden we're coming!" They know "Open Borders Biden" won't stop them.


The huge sums of money involved in human trafficking is corrupting some Americans too. Drug cartels are recruiting U.S. teenagers on Tik Tok to transport illegal immigrants by car, paying them $1,000 per person they can smuggle into the United States. 


In one case, an American teenager flipped his truck into a ditch, injuring 13 illegal immigrants crammed into the vehicle. In another human smuggling case, a teenager and his adult girl friend were arrested for a car crash that killed two illegal aliens.


The left does everything it can to keep Donald Trump off social media, but Facebook and Tik Tok are allowing the cartels to facilitate human trafficking.




A Message To Conservatives


The conservative message on illegal immigration is almost entirely focused on crime, border security or the compassion issue -- how much the people entering the country are suffering. Those are all legitimate points. But conservatives are missing the most important issue to middle and working-class Americans.


They need to be pounding the economic impact of mass migration. Not that long ago, even liberals understood that massive illegal immigration was bad for the economy. You cannot have a massive welfare state and open borders. 


Mass migration undercuts American workers of all races. It puts downward pressure on wages. It contributes to failing schools as schools are required to teach children in dozens of languages, taking valuable time and resources. 


It contributes to crime and drug overdoses. It frays the social compact that legal immigrants have to the rule of law. It negatively impacts health care and housing. It drives up local taxes.


Biden is getting his worse numbers on his handling of immigration and the economy. Allowing in millions of unskilled migrants who are untested for COVID and everything else will do nothing but harm American workers and their communities. 


Yes, there are good people who want to come to America and who should be able to come to America. That's what our very generous legal immigration system is for. But there should be zero tolerance for illegal immigration.


Conservatives must get serious about attacking this problem, exposing the left and making sure more Americans understand the vast damage caused by open borders.




Confronting Communist China


One of the most depressing things in recent years has been the "woke" takeover of professional sports. We have to suffer multimillionaire athletes protesting how evil America is by disrespecting our national anthem. But no professional athlete has dared to protest killing 1,000 innocent babies a day. 


All major sports franchises are a national embarrassment for the way they kowtow to communist China. Major League Baseball canceled the All-Star Game in Atlanta because Georgia was trying to safeguard the integrity of elections. Then, it closed a factory in Minnesota so it could make products cheaper with slave labor in communist China. 


One of the reasons Chinese clothing is cheaper is because it is made with cotton grown in regions where the Uighurs and others are used for slave labor. So, "woke" professional sports is cozying up to communist China that is using slaves to pick cotton to make products for their sports teams. 


Has no one explained this to the many black athletes in the NBA or the NFL? 


Thankfully, there's a ray of hope in Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics, who has been wearing shoes with very clear anti-communist China messages. Rumors are that the NBA is coming down on him like a ton of bricks. 


By the way, I can safely say that if Donald Trump were president, Kanter would be invited to the White House. I hope he's not waiting by the phone for an invitation from Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.




Real Racism


While the woke left imagines racism is lurking under every rock in America, it's ignoring real racism in communist China. The latest example comes with the release of the sci-fi blockbuster Dune. 


Posters promoting the film in the United States and other western nations feature British actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster, who is black.  But she's obviously missing from promotional materials in China. 


This is not the first time black actors have been purged from Chinese media. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, John Boyega was prominently featured in western promotional materials, but was airbrushed out of posters in communist China.


Anti-black racism is a huge problem in communist China. (Here and here.) Why are U.S. corporations investing in a country that is so "systemically racist" that it erases blacks?




Something's Wrong


Something is wrong with Joe Biden. The American people know it. Most Americans (58%) aren't confident that he is up to the job as commander-in-chief. 


For example, all politicians will repeat good stories in their speeches, especially when they're talking to new audiences. That assumes the stories are true. 


But for whatever reason, Joe Biden keeps repeating the same false story about his Amtrak adventures. Surely, someone on his staff has pulled him aside and said, "Mr. President, you can't tell that lie again! Everyone knows it's just not true."


After last week's disastrous CNN town hall event, where he bungled key issues and rambled on incoherently, the Wall Street Journal felt compelled to raise the issue of Biden's health, writing:


"We take no pleasure in pointing [Biden's confusion] out, since the U.S. needs a president who can handle the strains of the job. Mr. Biden was never Demosthenes, and all presidents stumble in speech. But Mr. Biden's frequent public confusion about the major issues of the day is a reason for the growing public concern."