Confused Christians, Confronting Communist China, Tuberville vs. Schumer

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Confused Christians


Do you remember Promise Keepers? It was an incredible Christian men’s organization. As the name indicated, it called on men of all races and backgrounds to keep their promises to God, their wives, their children and their country.


Their biggest event was the 1997 “Stand In the Gap” rally in Washington, D.C. -- one of the biggest gatherings ever held in our nation’s capital. My son, Zach, and I attended together, and it was one of the most remarkable things I have ever experienced. 


Over time, Promise Keepers accomplished its goal, and inspired the formation of other groups as it faded away.  Now, Ken Harrison has been working to revive Promise Keepers through small events at churches and Christian venues. Given the breakdown of the family in America, their work is urgently needed. 


Unfortunately, there’s an effort to cancel them. But not by Joe Biden’s Justice Department or radical atheist groups. Shockingly, the opposition is coming from some Christian groups that are apparently ashamed of the Gospel. 


Belmont University, a Christian university in Tennessee, canceled a Promise Keepers event in June. Churches in Tennessee and Texas have also backed out of events. 


Why? Because Promise Keepers believes in the biblical definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and they stand against the insane idea that men can become women.


There’s a sickness in our society and that sickness is seeping into some churches, too. 


If you live in any urban area in America, you surely noticed this summer not God’s rainbow, but the LGBTQ “pride” flag on full display outside many churches. 


Recently, a church in Dallas, Texas, held a special service to rally the community. What was the critically important issue? Drag queens. The church was all for them. The congregation recited a pledge committing themselves to celebrating “this divine diversity” and to “lifting up the voices of the LGBTQ+ community.” 


Meanwhile, there are some churches reciting the so-called “Sparkle Creed,” which refers to a “non-binary god” with plural pronouns, claims Jesus had “two dads,” and recognizes the “rainbow spirit.” 


I don’t know what religion this is, but it isn’t Christianity.


Sadly, one of the biggest churches in Georgia is hosting a special conference which appears to be affirming open homosexuality in the church. But Pastor Andy Stanley has made headlines in recent years for studiously avoiding politics because that “divides the church.” 


Many pastors won’t preach sermons on the sanctity of life or the craziness being pushed on children in schools because that’s “divisive” and “politics.” But, somehow, holding a conference affirming the LGBTQ agenda, all in the name of love, of course, isn’t divisive.


Will churches start affirming adulterers next? God made them that way. Why should we stop them from bragging about their sin? What about a group that affirms embezzlers and thieves? 




The Blind


This week, I recorded an episode of Family Talk for the James Dobson Family Institute with Phil and “Miss Kay” Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. Our Family Talk interview is currently scheduled to air next Tuesday. (We’ll remind you again as we get closer to the date.)


The reason for the interview is next week’s premier of “The Blind,” a fantastic movie coming out about the Robertsons before Phil found Christ. He grew up in a dysfunctional home, and sunk into the slavery of alcoholism. It almost cost him everything. But while Phil was hunting ducks, Christ was hunting him. 


“The Blind” is a wonderful story about the redemptive love of Jesus and the power of faith, which is exactly what America needs right now. “The Blind” opens in select theaters Thursday, September 28th. Click here for more information.




Confronting Communist China


One of the major explanations for why reluctant conservatives should support more taxpayer dollars for Ukraine is that it somehow sends a message to communist China, which is clearly preparing to invade Taiwan. 


In a recent CNN town hall, Chris Christie suggested that he viewed support for Ukraine as a “proxy war with China.”


Senator Josh Hawley vehemently disagrees with that argument. Speaking with Laura Ingraham last night, Hawley flatly rejected Joe Biden’s “blank check” for Ukraine, saying:


“We shouldn’t be spending a dime more on Ukraine.  We need an accounting of every dime that has been spent so far. And I’m just tired of hearing the president say over and over that this is an investment in the future of every nation.  


“What about our nation?  It’s not an investment in our future, in our people, in our jobs.  That needs to be the priority.


“If you want to deter China, then get tough with China.  Slap tariffs on China. Bring back our jobs from China. Stop them from treating our laborers like slave labor and driving down our wages and stealing our technology.  That’s how you get tough on China. Not by spending money in Ukraine.


“So, I just don’t get it.  If you want to spend money on Ukraine, tell me why Ukraine is important.  Don’t tell me it’s about China.”




Tuberville vs. Schumer


For most of this year, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has been blocking fast-track promotions for hundreds of military officers. Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, their left-wing media allies have repeatedly smeared Senator Tuberville, accusing him of “harming military readiness.” Even some Republicans, including Nikki Haley, attacked Tuberville.


But Sen. Tuberville was never the problem. The problem is that the Biden Administration is breaking the law by using Pentagon funds to subsidize abortions


So, Tuberville used the power he has as a senator and a member of the legislative branch to object when the executive branch violates the law. He put “holds” on hundreds of military promotions, essentially filibustering the promotions.


Now, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer could have dealt with Tuberville’s holds by forcing individual votes at any time through “regular order.” He didn’t. 


Instead, Schumer thought he could score cheap political points by accusing Tuberville of “harming the military.” So, Schumer refused to break the logjam.


Just to be clear: It was Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer who ultimately allowed military promotions to be held up over taxpayer subsidies for abortion. That’s their priority.


Well, yesterday, Schumer finally caved


The Senate held a series of votes to confirm Gen. Charles Brown, Biden’s replacement for Gen. Mark Milley as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I’m not thrilled about Brown’s confirmation. His record suggests he’s even more woke than “Thoroughly Modern” Milley. 


But I’ll say it again: Republicans need to stop the circular firing squad. Stop attacking Tuberville for “jeopardizing national security.”


Tuberville isn’t pushing illegal abortion funding at the Pentagon. Joe Biden is. 


Turberville isn’t pushing transgenderism into the Pentagon. Joe Biden is.


Kudos to Tommy Tuberville! It’s refreshing to see a Republican senator fight back for a change, rather than just roll over!




Obama 2024?


In a recent podcast, Senator Ted Cruz shared his thoughts about a possible 2024 scenario, which he considers “likely” and also “dangerous.” Here’s what he said:


“In August 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama. . . Michelle Obama, because she was first lady, has the ability to parachute in above all [others] and say, ‘We’re not picking among any of you, you guys can all fight it out next time. . .’


“In terms of a solution that unifies Democrats, there ain’t nothing like that. I also think Michelle is not all that eager to run for president, but to parachute in a couple of months before and be president, not a bad gig. . .


“So, when I see the media turning on Joe Biden right now, I think the odds of Michelle Obama parachuting in in August 2024 have risen dramatically, and that ought to scare the hell out of anyone who is unhappy with the direction this country is going.”