A Dark Day, The Criminalization Of Politics, Biden’s Bluster

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A Dark Day


The raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home yesterday may be one of the most consequential attacks on our constitutional Republic in modern times. To fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation, consider these facts: 


  • This was the home of a former president. 
  • The raid was ordered by the attorney general who answers to the current president. 
  • The former president is preparing to run against the current president. 


That’s all you need to know. 


The implications of this raid should outrage every free man and woman in our beloved country. 




The Criminalization Of Politics


The raid was a raw, tyrannical abuse of government power. The intolerant and totalitarian left has criminalized politics and weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI to an unprecedented degree.


Why? Because they are determined to get the man (and by extension his millions of followers) whom they despise and fear the most. 


We’re being told that this raid was executed over a records-keeping dispute. No one believes that! 


Every administration in modern history has fought with the National Archives over what records a president can and cannot take with them when they leave office. It’s a minor thing. It’s not the kind of thing that you send in 30 FBI agents armed with automatic weapons over.


Moreover, Donald Trump had been cooperating fully with the National Archives for months. He handed over 15 boxes of documents in January.


I don’t care that a judge signed off on the warrant, and neither should you. The FBI has repeatedly lied to judges in recent years, and it lied about the whole Russia collusion hoax for years! 


It’s also being reported that the judge who approved the warrant is an Obama donor who once represented associates of Jeffrey Epstein.




The Real Target


The raid of Trump’s home was symbolically a raid on all our homes. If they will do this to a former president, just imagine how Biden’s new army of 87,000 IRS agents will treat you!


Some, like left-wing legal terrorist Marc Elias, gleefully suggested that this might be an attempt to legally prohibit Trump from running again in 2024. 


My friends, this is really important: It totally misses the point to simply say, “Well, the left just doesn’t want Trump to be president again.” 


They don’t want him to have power and they don’t want the 75 million patriotic Americans who supported him to have power again either. The left is now gunning for Florida’s conservative governor, too. It will smear and destroy any conservative who threatens their grip on power.




Biden’s Bluster


Joe Biden claims he would love to run against Donald Trump again. Many in the GOP establishment say that Donald Trump is the one guy who guarantees a GOP defeat in 2024. 


If Biden and his henchmen really believed that, they wouldn’t be trying everything and anything they can to prevent him from being able to run.


I think there is another reason at play here. 


They know they cheated in 2020. They know it’s going to be harder to cheat again in 2024. The RNC has put together an army of poll watchers and many states have reformed voting procedures


You only do things like what happened yesterday because you know that Donald Trump is the one individual who can defeat you and who is committed to uncovering and exposing the corruption in the Deep State.




How Politicized Are They?


There are many decent men and women working at the Department of Justice and the FBI. But it is abundantly clear that those institutions are infested with leftist ideologues who intend not to serve or even govern America, but to rule America.


How else can you explain the political persecutions of Gen. Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani and Jeffrey Clark


Hunter Biden’s home has never been raided by the FBI. Hillary Clinton’s house was never raided by the FBI. Hillary’s aides weren’t subjected to raids and humiliation. They got immunity deals. The Russia collusion hoaxers were never raided by the FBI.


Merrick Garland refuses to enforce the federal law prohibiting demonstrations outside Supreme Court justices’ homes -- even as left-wing rhetoric whipped a wannabe assassin into a frenzy to try to kill the justices. 


Garland and the FBI went after parents attending school board meetings, but they continue to ignore the left-wing radicals who are firebombing crisis pregnancy centers and attacking churches.


Just before the 2020 presidential election, the FBI announced that four Trump supporters were conspiring to kidnap and kill the Democrat governor of Michigan.  That story dominated the news leading up to the election. Biden used it to attack Donald Trump.


It all fell apart in court.  The men weren’t Trump supporters. Two were acquitted. There were more FBI agents involved in the so-called “plot” than people allegedly engaged in criminal activity.




The Raids Are The message


The raid at Mar-a-Lago was just the latest example of how clearly Christopher Wray’s FBI is trying to intimidate conservative leaders, officeholders and, I believe, even the American people themselves. 


Fortunately, Donald Trump was not at Mar-a-Lago. But if he were, would they have dragged him and Melania out onto the front lawn in their pajamas while agents searched his house? 


Once upon a time that would be unthinkable, but not anymore. That’s what they have done to multiple people who served in the Trump Administration.


It's not just that they knock on the door and present you with a warrant. The raids are done in such a way as to create fear and trembling. You’re dragged out of your home into the streets in full view of your neighbors. You’re publicly shamed and stand there for hours while your home is ransacked. 


Are there any raids being conducted against Antifa leaders? 


Are there any raids on the groups threatening Supreme Court justices or crisis pregnancy centers? 


Why isn’t the FBI carrying out raids against the gangs that are turning our cities into war zones? 


Why the obsessive focus with Donald Trump?




GOP Leaders Respond


As this news broke last night, virtually every Republican leader issued statements of outrage and condemnation. 


House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy put Attorney General Garland on notice. 


One conservative senator condemned the “Marxist” tactics, while a prominent governor blasted the “Biden regime” as a “Banana Republic.”


Former Vice President Mike Pence slammed the “continued partisanship” of the FBI and demanded an immediate “full accounting” for this “unprecedented search.”


Curiously, I have yet to see a statement from Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Shame on him.




Danger Ahead


I have always been skeptical of those who in the past suggested that the government might cancel an election or declare an emergency to allow this or that crazy idea to be carried out or imposed on the American people. “That could never happen here,” right?


Well, today’s radicalized left is allied with avowed socialists and Marxists. It is working with the Deep State. What we just witnessed yesterday, 90 days before the elections in which Donald Trump is a major factor in many races, was unprecedented until now. 


So, I now believe we must assume that anything is possible. 


If they are willing to use the power of federal law enforcement this brazenly to attack a former president and likely future presidential candidate, nothing is off the table. If they are this afraid, they are capable of anything.


I believe Joe Biden would welcome a greater conflict in Ukraine or some other national security emergency that he could exploit for political gain or use at the last minute (like the COVID pandemic) to change the rules of the election and order national mail-in balloting. 


Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another “Whitmer hoax” -- multiple arrests of “far-right individuals” in the days ahead to create a narrative that Trump and his supporters threaten our democracy. 


But as we are seeing, it is the intolerant and totalitarian left that is the real threat to our liberty.




Stand With Me


My friends, I don’t say any of this lightly. I love this country, and I know you do, too. 


But the hour is late. We must stop the left’s insanity, but we’re running out of time.


Please stand with me now! 


Help me fight the left’s destruction of America!