Floyd vs. Riley, Trump's Big Win, Operation Chaos

Monday, February 26, 2024

Floyd vs. Riley


Remember the death of George Floyd? It dominated the news for weeks. It triggered a national conversation on race and policing.


There were four separate funerals to accommodate all the politicians and dignitaries who wanted to reap some political benefit from his death. Streets were named after him. Bills were passed in multiple states in his name.


The left immediately exploited Floyd’s death to advance its narrative of systemic racism throughout America and law enforcement. Joe Biden honors George Floyd every year.


The national flagellation went on for months. Police departments were defunded. There was a national orgy of wailing and gnashing of teeth, accompanied by months of riots.


Floyd’s death was the impetus for critical race theory and “diversity, inclusion, and equity” programs being forced on corporations and our children in their schools. It supercharged the neo-Marxist BLM movement.


In short, the left was able to use one incident to massive advance its agenda.


Compare that to the death of Laken Riley, a young female nursing student in Georgia, who was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela.


Nothing remotely close to the fallout from Floyd’s death will result from the death of this young woman at the hands of man in our country because of Biden and the left.


Congress will not rush back to close the border. No streets in Georgia will be named after her. Her death is unlikely to spark a national conversation about the dangers of open borders.


Will the media use her death to call attention to the growing number of “Angel Moms” and other victims of criminal illegal aliens?


How will Joe Biden honor Laken Riley? Of course, he won’t honor her in any meaningful way. He hasn’t even said one word about her murder.


And if the media even mention her murder, many left-wing outlets are ignoring the fact that she was killed by an illegal alien. They will move on by tomorrow because her death does nothing to advance the left’s agenda.


Sadly, Laken Riley wasn’t the first and won’t be the last American who is killed because of the insane open borders policies of our feckless politicians.




Trump’s Big Win


Donald Trump’s big victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary wasn’t unexpected. Polls consistently showed him leading former Governor Nikki Haley. But his margin of victory (60% to 40%) in Haley’s home state was a devastating blow to her campaign.


Trump’s landslide is especially noteworthy because, according to NBC News, he was outspent 10-to-1 in South Carolina. While Haley is vowing to press on, the Koch network, one of her biggest boosters, announced that it would no longer spend money supporting her candidacy.




Nikki Looking To November


There is growing evidence that Nikki Haley is flirting with the third-party No Labels group that is still in need of a presidential candidate for the November general election. If she goes that route, she will likely reelect Joe Biden.


The national director of No Labels is former South Carolina Congressman Joe Cunningham, a Democrat. In an interview with Fox News yesterday, Cunningham confirmed that No Labels is “definitely interested” in Nikki Haley.


He further explained that in a competitive three-way race, it only takes 34% of the popular vote to win all of a state’s Electoral College votes.


That is a prescription for disaster. If you think we’re divided now, try to imagine any president “leading” the country when only one out of every three voters supported him.




Operation Chaos


Sometimes Democrats interfere in open GOP primaries. Sometimes Republicans do the same. Rush Limbaugh had great fun urging Republicans to do that during the 2008 primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


The purpose is always clear: to hurt the other party. Rush wanted people to vote for Hillary, believing she was the weakest candidate and less likely to win the general election against the Republican nominee.


Many analysts believe that as much as 10% of the vote Haley received in her home state actually came from Democrats voting in the Republican primary. It wouldn’t be surprising because her campaign spent serious money urging non-Republicans to vote in the open GOP primary.


It’s one thing for Rush Limbaugh and other activists to do that. It’s something entirely different for the candidate to do that herself.


Haley wanted Democrats to help pick the nominee of the Republican Party. Not surprisingly, a CNN exit poll found that 74% of Haley voters identified as “moderate” or “liberal.”


Critics of Trump are pointing to the fact that as many as 20% of GOP South Carolina primary voters expressed some hesitation about supporting Trump in November. This is being presented by the media as evidence that Trump doesn’t have his own party locked down.


It’s very likely that Democrats made up the vast majority of that 20%. They weren’t voting in the Republican Party because they liked Haley, but because they wanted to stop Trump.




Disinformation Overload


If you need another example of everything that is wrong with today’s left-wing media, look no further than Politico reporter Heidi Przybyla. She’s been hyperventilating lately about the left’s latest imagined threat to democracy – “Christian nationalists.”


As I have noted before, a Christian is someone who loves God and Jesus, and a nationalist is someone who loves their country. We used to call these people “patriots.” But the increasingly intolerant and radically secular left now feels the need to demonize them.


During a recent MSNBC interview, Przybyla really wanted viewers to understand just how extreme these “Christian nationalists” are. Here’s what she said:


“The thing that unites them as Christian nationalists, not Christians because Christian nationalists are very different, is that they believe that our rights as Americans and as all human beings do not come from any earthly authority. They don’t come from Congress, from the Supreme Court, they come from God.”


The ignorance is shocking. Clearly, Ms. Przybyla has never read the Declaration of Independence, which states:


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


The word “Creator” there is most definitely not a reference to Congress, the Supreme Court, or any earthly authority. In fact, that was precisely the point – our rights come from God, not government, and no government can take them away!


If reporter Przybyla has a problem with the truth that liberty comes from God, she has rejected the central idea of the American founding.