Foggy & Meandering, A Total Train Wreck, RINO Hunting

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Foggy & Meandering


Apparently, the White House was so worried about the perception that Joe Biden isn't up to the job that they decided it would be a good idea for him to hold the longest press conference on record.  It didn't go well


Biden's two-hour press conference yesterday was an hour and fifty minutes too long.  The White House staff is scrambling today to clean up all his mistakes.  Even many Democrats were left shaking their heads.  Left-wing activist Van Jones said Biden was "foggy and meandering." 


Biden had the audacity to claim that he has "outperformed" expectations.   Clearly, he's a legend in his own mind! 


Here's a reality check:  After one year of Joe Biden's occupation of the Oval Office, 70% of Americans feel we're on the wrong track, his approval ratings are plumbing new depths and on every major issue more Americans than not feel Biden's policies are making things worse.




What We Are For


I could go on for pages dissecting Biden's remarks, but first, I want to respond to one thing Biden rhetorically asked.  While discussing the opposition to his radical agenda, he asked, "What are [conservatives] for?" 


He knows very well what we are for.  Biden and the left hate everything we believe in.


On values, we are for the sanctity of life.  No more abortion on demand.  We are for restoring the Constitution and protecting the freedom of speech, religion, assembly and the right to bear arms.


We are for strong families and ensuring parents, not government, control our children's education.  We are for teaching our children about American greatness and the American founding, not Marxist nonsense like critical race theory.


On economics, we are for entrepreneurs and small business owners, not giant corporations.  We are for bringing our factories and jobs home so we don't depend on countries like communist China. 


We are for energy independence and lower gas prices.  We are for lower taxes and tying welfare to work.  We are for smaller government so Washington bureaucrats don't run our lives. 


We are for secure borders and we want the border wall finished.  We are for English as our national language.  We are for safe streets and schools.  We are for fully funding our police and we want criminals in jail. 


We are for free and fair elections and we want safeguards to prevent cheating and voter fraud. 


In short, we are for everything Biden and the left are preventing us from achieving. 




A Total Train Wreck


Biden's press conference was a total train wreck.  Unfortunately, the biggest casualty of his wreck is the United States of America.  Biden's permission slip to Vladimir Putin yesterday was the worst mistake by an American leader since Dean Acheson inadvertently set off the Korean war. 


Responding to a questions about Ukraine, Biden suggested that if Putin only launches a minor incursion (translation: a limited invasion of Ukraine) then our response would be limited. 


Ukrainian officials told CNN they were "shocked" and "stunned" when they heard Biden's remarks.  Some fear he has already cut a deal with Putin.  If true, that would be real "Russian collusion."


I'm sure Nancy Pelosi is drafting articles of impeachment right now.  After all, she impeached Donald Trump over Ukrainian policy after a simple phone call. 


Keep in mind that Biden's big claim to fame is that he's supposedly some great foreign policy genius.  That was a major reason why Obama chose Biden to be his vice president. 


But as Robert Gates, Obama's defense secretary, correctly observed, Biden has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."


Biden's "green light" to Putin said was terrible.  But some GOP senators, unfortunately, sound like they are ready to go to war if Putin goes into Ukraine. 


The American people do not want to go to war over Ukraine.  The American people are more worried about America's borders than Ukraine's borders. 


What the American people would support is supplying the Ukrainians with the necessary weapons to defend themselves and to ensure that Putin pays a very high price for any aggression. 


That was Donald Trump's policy.  Biden has had a year to better equip the Ukrainian defense forces, yet now his administration is scrambling to make up for his failure to do so.


Biden's weak performance in yesterday's press conference and his failure to adequately help Ukraine to defend itself will make a European war more likely. 




The Divider In Chief


When Biden wasn't helping foreign dictators like Putin, he was undermining America's constitutional Republic.  Once again, he intentionally stoked racial divisions and attempted to frighten minority citizens into believing that their right to vote is in danger. 


Among the many lies and distortions Biden made yesterday was the particularly disgusting claim that conservatives are trying to suppress the minority vote.  That is a lie.  He knows it is a lie.  Telling minority Americans that their right to vote is being taken away is unforgiveable. 


Biden refused to apologize for his outrageous speech in Georgia, and tried to argue that he did not say what he clearly said -- that if you oppose his election cheating bill, you are the equivalent of southern segregationists like George Wallace and Bull Connor. 


When Biden uses that rhetoric, our enemies applaud.  You will soon hear Putin and Xi quote Biden's lies the next time someone in the U.S. speaks up for human rights in communist China or Russia.  Biden is aiding and abetting our enemies.


At one point during the press conference, a reporter asked Biden if the 2022 elections would be legitimate if his election cheating bill did not pass.  He said, "Oh, yeah, I think it could easily be illegitimate."


Virtually every poll suggests that if the election were held today, progressives would lose big.  But Biden is setting the stage to claim the election was fraudulent by insisting that conservatives suppressed the minority vote.  Again, that's a huge gift to Putin and Xi.


So, in two hours, Joe Biden encouraged our enemies abroad and undermined our constitutional Republic at home.  I'm sure he's exhausted from all that "hard work."




RINO Hunting


While Biden spent a lot of time blaming his failed agenda on the lack of bipartisanship, bipartisanship prevailed in the Senate last night.  Fifty Republicans and two Democrats prevailed in defeating the radical left's attempt to gut Senate rules and nationalize all elections. 


Let me repeat that:  There was a bipartisan vote last night in the Senate to defeat the extreme Biden/Schumer/Pelosi election takeover bill.  That is a big victory!


But Biden said something else that got my attention yesterday.  He claimed that five Republican senators have told him that they agree with some of his radical proposals but they can't vote for them because they might lose a primary to a Trump-backed conservative.  Sadly, Biden refused to name them when pressed to do so. 


So, here's a challenge to any aspiring real journalist or to Biden himself:  Tell us who these senators are. Name them. 


I have my suspicions, but I believe conservative voters deserve to know which Republicans secretly support Biden's socialist spending, his nationalization of elections or his open borders and amnesty agenda.  I want to know who those "RINOs" are!