The Globalist Attack On America, America Last, The Fist Bump Follies

Monday, July 18, 2022

The Globalist Attack On America


Last week, we reported on the woke makeover of Thomas Jefferson’s iconic home, Monticello. Now we’re learning that the same thing has happened at James Madison’s estate, Montpelier.


This isn’t a coincidence. It is obviously an organized effort to strip America’s history of anything decent that would promote patriotism and love of country. 


This is the rich man’s equivalent of tearing down statues. While ignorant mobs physically attack our historic monuments to erase our history, wealthy globalists are deploying their dollars to corrupt our history. 


Many Middle American families save their money to take their children to America’s iconic places to teach them the real knowledge of our history and to instill in them a love for our country. But this globalist mob is intent on subverting even that experience. 


Visitors to Montpelier today could leave the estate with very little knowledge about the man who wrote the Federalist Papers, who served two terms as president and who is considered to be the “Father of the Constitution.”


According to the New York Post, there are no American flags on Madison’s estate. Virtually every historic exhibit includes lessons on slavery. For example, the Post quotes a tour guide as saying that the Montpelier estate “made Madison the philosopher, farmer, statesman and enslaver that he was.” 


A visitor from Oklahoma complained that the tour was, “A one-hour Critical Race Theory experience disguised as a tour.” One display reportedly denigrates the first 18 presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, who never owned slaves. 




America Last


Kudos to the New York Post for once again exposing what is happening, first at Monticello and now at Montpelier. The rest of the “mainstream media" are too busy trying to ensure the socialist left’s grip on America. Fox News reported on the controversy, but said little about the man behind it all. 


David Rubenstein is one of the co-founders of the Carlyle Group. He’s also chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. He gave $10 million to the foundation that maintains Madison’s home. He also made big donations to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. But his support seems to come with strings.


Rubenstein grew up poor, the son of a Postal worker, and in this country he became a billionaire. Does he feel any gratitude toward America? Apparently not. He’s a globalist. He wants nations to be replaced with a world government so foreign bureaucrats can make the important decisions about how we live.


The two countries that stand in the way of that project are the United States and Israel. They believe that freedom comes from God, and in the case of Israel, that the land comes from God. 


In my view, this explains the growing hostility toward Jews on university campuses, and why Christians are being demonized as the “American Taliban” or “Christian nationalists.”


In my travels across America, I’m always struck by how many homes in working-class neighborhoods, where families are struggling paycheck to paycheck, often have flags flying outside. Even with what little they have, they love America. But our elites in Washington, New York and San Francisco mock the patriotism of “flyover country.”


Sadly, this attack on our history is happening everywhere. At Williamsburg. At the National Archives. And It’s all part of the globalist agenda. 


It’s why the left could not let Donald Trump have one day of peace. The left couldn’t tolerate a president who wanted to make America great again. That doesn’t fit into the globalist plan.


Whatever else we know, if Donald Trump runs again and wins the GOP nomination, we know he will be an America First candidate. But if someone else wins the nomination, we will have to ensure they are committed to America First because globalists all over the world are committed to undermining our country.




The Fist Bump Follies


The media unloaded a barrage of criticism at President Joe Biden over his visit to the Middle East. The Washington Post said it was “shameful.” CNN said it was “a disaster.”


I agree completely. Except they’re totally missing the point. They are absurdly attacking Biden for the stupidity of his fist bump with the Saudi crown prince. The real issue, however, is that the trip was an abject failure. 


Saudi Arabia is a strategically placed nation that controls much of the world’s vital energy resources. Russia and communist China are working overtime to influence the Middle East.


Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia in the strongest position of any American president in modern history. The Saudis welcomed him with an elaborate “extravaganza.” 


Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia in the weakest position in history because of his globalist agenda that is pushing socialism in the name of climate change. He has spent the entirety of his administration undermining the greatest American national security asset – our vibrant energy industry. 


Biden is draining 180 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve while he’s over there begging the Saudis to drill for more oil! He’s selling millions of barrels of our oil to communist China!


I doubt Biden will ever try to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Or if he does, his own party will block him, just as they blocked Trump from refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.


The people attacking Joe Biden over the fist bump are unserious people fretting over unserious things. We have an America Last president pursuing America Last policies. 


Biden is intentionally destroying America’s energy industry. That is the left’s goal. His left-wing critics are angry that he’s not doing it fast enough.




Insulting Israel


While the media are hyperventilating over the fist bump in Saudi Arabia, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman blasted Biden’s trip to Israel, saying it was “insulting and humiliating for Israel.” 


First, President Biden refused to go to the Western Wall. Then, he told Israeli officials that he was going to a hospital in East Jerusalem and that no one from the Israeli government could accompany him on the trip. Imagine if a foreign leader was visiting places in the United States and insisted that no one from the U.S. government could join them!


But it gets worse. When Biden went to East Jerusalem, they took the Israeli flag off the presidential limousine. That might not seem like a big deal, but the Israelis certainly noticed it, and they didn’t appreciate it.


Whenever the president travels in another country, it is customary to have the U.S. flag and the flag of the host nation, in this case Israel, on the presidential limousine. But when Biden’s staff removed the Israeli flag, they were sending a clear message that they didn’t recognize Israeli sovereignty over East Jerusalem.


Once again, a liberal administration is pushing to divide Jerusalem. No Israeli government can allow that, and American Christians should be mortified that any American administration is pushing such an insane idea. It’s not going to happen. 


Jerusalem has never been the capital of any nation other than the Jewish nation of Israel. When it wasn’t the Jewish nation of Israel, it was a backwater province of some conquering power – whether it was the Roman empire or the Ottoman empire. Jerusalem has never been the capital of a “Palestinian state” or of an Arab-Muslim nation.


And the only time when the three major faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – could worship freely in peace in Jerusalem is when Israel has controlled the city. 


As we noted last week, Joe Biden said his model is a “two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.” That means Biden is calling the unification of Jerusalem into question. Israel didn’t unite Jerusalem until June 7, 1967. 


The Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism, is located in “East Jerusalem.” Before the Six Day War, Jordanian soldiers would often shoot at Jews from the rooftops of the Old City.


Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided capital of Israel. There is no Israeli government – left, right or center – that will surrender Israeli sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem.