History In The Making, Obama Colluded With Iran, Chick-fil-A Saves The Day, A Hero Remembered

Monday, December 18, 2017

History In The Making

History will be made this week as congressional Republicans stand on the verge of enacting historic tax reform.  This has not been done since the Reagan era.  The Hill reports, "GOP On Precipice Of Major End-Of-Year Tax Victory."

In fact, the significance of this opportunity persuaded one GOP holdout, Senator Bob Corker, to get on board.  In a statement Friday, Sen. Corker said, "I believe that this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make U.S. businesses domestically more productive and internationally more competitive is one we should not miss."  I agree.
So far, not one progressive senator is likely to vote for the bill.  Millions of middle class Americans are going to get a tax cut.  There is no question about that.  But not one Senate progressive is willing to vote for it. 
At the same time, left-wing politicians have threatened to shut down the government unless Republicans agree to leave our border wide open.  Is this the "progressive" agenda of the so-called "resistance"?  No tax cuts for working families and no border security? 
Obama Colluded With Iran
The left-wing news outlet Politico broke a big story over the weekend.  The headline says it all:  "The Secret Backstory Of How Obama Let Hezbollah Off The Hook." 
Here's the bottom line:  Multiple sources in the American intelligence community have disclosed that the Obama Administration essentially shutdown an effort to bring down the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.  Why?  Because Obama feared that the project would irritate Iran and damage its prospects for a nuclear deal.
The United States was leading a multinational effort against the jihadists of Hezbollah, who really are fascists, because we discovered that they were running major drug operations all over the world, including in South America and into the United States.  Cocaine and drugs are destroying our inner cities and are a major source of money for Islamic terrorist groups. 
Incredibly, Obama chose to allow Hezbollah to pour cocaine into our inner cities, ruining the lives of many Americans (including minority Americans), because he saw the nuclear deal with Iran as the foundation of his foreign policy legacy. 
By the way, while Obama was shutting down intelligence operations against Hezbollah, he was using our national security apparatus to spy on individuals and organizations who opposed the Iran deal. 
The left-wing media are up in arms over the theory that Donald Trump supposedly colluded with Russia to influence the election.  There is zero evidence to support that claim.  But we have real evidence that Barack Obama repeatedly colluded with Iran to influence U.S. foreign policy. 
Chick-fil-A Saves The Day
Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's busiest airport, shutdown yesterday after an underground fire cut power to much of the airport.  More than 1,000 flights were cancelled as a result.
Thousands of stranded passengers were shuttled to the Georgia International Convention Center.  And Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A, which is closed on Sundays, stepped up and saved the day. 
In a statement, the company said, "We immediately mobilized staff and team members who live and work near the airport, and they are making sandwiches and delivering them to the EOC (emergency operations center)."  Leading by example, CEO Dan Cathy was there, handing out sandwiches and bottles of water to stranded passengers. 
Not long ago, progressive mayors derided Chick-fil-A for its values and threatened to block the company from opening stores and creating jobs in their cities.  But once again, Chick-fil-A's actions have spoken louder than the left's angry rhetoric.
A Hero Remembered
Glenn Shelton was born in Kentucky.  He earned a purple heart in Vietnam.  He passed away in Indianapolis last month over Thanksgiving weekend with no family members by his side. 
I am pleased to report that hundreds of Hoosiers, patriots all, attended his funeral this weekend to honor this Marine and to thank him for his service to our country.  Sara Thompson, Indiana Funeral Care, said, "Glenn might have been abandoned in life, but he will not be abandoned in death." You can read more about this amazing story here.

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