House Passes Debt Deal, Confronting Communist China, Pride Goes Before The Fall

Thursday, June 1, 2023

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President Biden took a nasty fall just hours ago after finishing his remarks at the Air Force Academy graduation. This was not a small trip going up the steps of Air Force One. It was a serious fall, and he struggled to get up. We hope and pray he was not seriously injured. 


But it is a stark reminder of the physical challenges, as well as mental challenges, that people Biden’s age routinely encounter. When are responsible adults in the White House and in his family going to step up and deal openly and honestly with his severely declining health?




House Passes Debt Deal


The House of Representatives passed the debt limit deal late last night. In the end, 71 Republicans voted against it


They are, by and large, the conservative fighters you most respect. Don’t fall for the narrative being pushed by President Biden and by Fox News that they are “extremists.”


Most people say they want bipartisanship. They want Congress to work for the good of the country. 


But in Washington, where the leftist narrative dominates, bipartisanship almost always works to the detriment of conservatives. It usually means that conservatives cave and the left advances the ball down the field.


Another problem in this debate is determining what the truth is. What does the proposed legislation actually accomplish? Unfortunately, it is difficult to get straight answers. 


Sen. Mike Lee of Utah was on Fox News this morning railing against the bill. Asked about all the “great” things in it, Lee said many of the promises just won’t materialize because there are too many ways Biden’s bureaucrats can work around the legislation. 


For example, $28 billion in unspent COVID money is supposedly being clawed back. But according to Sen. Lee, $22 billion is actually being redirected into a Department of Commerce “slush fund.”  So, only $6 billion is really being clawed back.


If what Sen. Lee says is true, it’s not only a bad deal, there’s been a lot of deception.


The bill is now in the Senate, where Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer is vowing to pass it as quickly as possible.




Confronting Communist China


I am a big fan of Elon Musk’s strong defense of free speech. It’s a pillar of freedom and fundamental American value that the left has completely abandoned. But right now, Musk is in communist China demonstrating what’s wrong with far too many corporate CEOs today.


Musk has a huge problem. He desperately wants to break into the large Chinese auto market. So, this week, he is in China trying to secure favorable treatment for his Tesla plant in Shanghai. 


Musk and other American CEOs are publicly speaking out against efforts to economically decouple the United States from communist China. His statement was immediately exploited by the vast communist Chinese propaganda operation. 


By the way, while Chinese officials are meeting with U.S. business leaders, they are refusing to meet with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.   


Vivek Ramaswamy spoke for millions of Americans when he strongly denounced corporate CEOs, including Musk, for cozying up to Beijing’s brutal regime. He said:


“America is in a codependent relationship with China. Our decoupling is inevitable. The only question is who ends it first. It is most advantageous for it to be done on U.S. terms, and the sooner we do it, the better for us.”


Ramaswamy is absolutely right!


If the COVID pandemic proved anything, it proved that we are far too dependent on communist China for basic things and that we can’t trust communist China. Meanwhile, China is preparing for war with the United States. (Herehere and here.) 


Over the past few decades, we shuttered our manufacturing base and sent those jobs to China, something I repeatedly warned against. But you can’t just snap your fingers and undo it. 


This will be a generational struggle that will demand the most determined leadership, which we certainly will not get from “Beijing Biden.”




Pride Goes Before The Fall


Well, it’s Day One of “Pride Month,” and there are contentious fights breaking out all over America, particularly in our schools. Parents have finally woken up to how the woke left is indoctrinating our children, and they are fighting back. I’m encouraged by this growing trend. I just hope and pray it’s not too late. 


Here are some examples.


North Dakota recently passed a law requiring children to use school bathrooms that correspond with their biological sex. Teachers are prohibited from using pronouns requested by a child if they differ from the child’s biological sex. And, most importantly, public school employees are prohibited from “transitioning” a child without telling the parents. 


But a school official in Fargo recently declared that they will ignore the law if they believe a child is in danger at home. Now, think about that for a moment. 


So, parents are now the “likely danger,” not an adult (with no relationship or responsibility to a child) doing something that will forever change a child’s life. Not surprisingly, parents erupted in anger. 


One mother confronting the Fargo school board, said:


“Whose kids are these? Do they belong to you as a school board? . . . There is no possible way for each teacher to know every kid as intimately as their parents do.” 


Parents in North Hollywood, California, recently discovered that their local elementary school is hosting a “Pride assembly.” Again, this is an elementary school for children between the ages of 6 and 11. Furious parents started a movement to keep their kids home on the day of the assembly. 


There’s a transgendered teacher at the school, who was undoubtedly behind this pride assembly. It’s being reported that someone broke into the school and burned a pride flag in “his” classroom. Now, the transgendered teacher has been transferred for “his” safety.


The script is always the same. 


  • Leftist in the schools try to indoctrinate children.
  • Parents find out and object. 
  • “Whoops, they caught us,” leftists say.
  • Almost immediately there is some “act of hate,” and the left is “living in fear” of “Christian nationalists,” “neo-Nazis,” “bigots” and “book burners.”


It’s the same script every time. No matter how outrageous the left’s behavior, conservatives are always portrayed as “the problem,” not the left’s insanity.


The only “safety concern” here is the moral safety of our children. And given the trend of leftist hate crime hoaxes, it’s probably 50/50 that the teacher burned “his” own flag.


Meanwhile, one Colorado school district is pressuring teachers to participate in “Pride Month” by wearing pride-themed clothing or taking other actions that send a “strong message of support.” 


In Oklahoma of all places, a mother is suing after her daughter was viciously attacked by a transgender “girl” – a boy pretending to be a girl – in the girl’s bathroom.


I could fill an entire report with these kinds of clashes. I am glad the resistance to this leftist insanity is growing. 


As the mother fighting the Fargo school board put it, “Parenting 101: You teach your kids that nobody [who] asks you to keep a secret is safe.” That’s a message parents have drilled into kids for years when it comes to dangerous strangers on the streets. 


But now the dangerous groomers are inside our schools, and they’re going after our kids!




Biden’s Modern Military


While we’re trying to save our kids, can we also save our military? 


The LGBTQ propaganda in the American military is breathtaking. Biden’s Pentagon has produced rules on how an officer should handle a man in his unit saying “he is pregnant.” Try to wrap your mind around that!


We’ve discovered in recent months that the Navy is using drag queens to combat the recruitment crisis, and drag shows are regularly taking place on military bases


A few months ago, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) confronted the top brass with news headlines about the “child-friendly” drag shows taking place on military bases. 


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin insisted that “drag shows are not something that the Department of Defense supports or funds.”


General Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley claimed ignorance, saying, “That’s the first I’m hearing about that kind of stuff. . . I don’t agree with those [drag shows]. I think those things shouldn’t be happening.”


Evidently, Austin doesn’t know what’s happening in his department and Milley didn’t do anything about it. A “family-friendly” drag show was scheduled to take place today at the Nellis Air Force Base Officer’s Club in Nevada.


When Rep. Gaetz learned about the Nellis drag show, he went ballistic and demanded answers from Austin and Milley. I am pleased to report that the Nellis drag show was canceled.


But other LGBTQ events will take place at Nellis, such as a “Paint with Pride” event and a “color run at the base gym.” Is there still a chaplain at Nellis?! 


I just hope that all the troops represented by the letters of alphabet can find time to actually do some training on how to win a war, so we have a decent chance of defeating what is rumored to be a very heterosexual communist Chinese military!