Hunter’s Honey Pot, Meloni & The Left’s Misogyny, Barack Is Back

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hunter’s Honey Pot


Rep. James Comer, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, is once again sounding the alarm over Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. 


Speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters last night, Comer warned that Hunter’s dealings with communist China are a “national security nightmare” because he was likely romantically involved with a Chinese spy, just like Rep. Eric Swalwell.


As you may recall, Hunter Biden was deeply involved with a major Chinese energy company. The Washington Post reported that the company, CEFC China Energy, paid Hunter and his uncle, James Biden, nearly $5 million. One of Hunter’s projects was to help CEFC secure contracts to buy American natural gas.


Hunter was assisted in this deal by his secretary, JiaQi Bao, a former researcher for the Chinese government. Among other things, Bao gave Hunter a map of the United States indicating where CEFC wanted its natural gas to come from. Strangely though, the map was not in English, but Chinese.


It turns out that CEFC also wanted to purchase the natural gas drilling companies as well, giving communist China a foothold in our energy infrastructure.


According to Comer, at least one whistleblower, who is a former business partner with Hunter, confirmed that Bao and the president’s son “were more than just business associates.” 


Many on the left say that none of this matters because the deal didn’t go through. But thanks to Joe Biden, communist China nevertheless ended up with a significant amount of American oil when he decided to drain our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 


By the way, our strategic reserve is now at a 40-year low, just as a major hurricane is barreling into the Gulf of Mexico and about to slam into the United States. This is what the strategic reserve is for – national emergencies, not political emergencies caused by Biden’s failed policies.


And the major question remains. We know that at least one member of Congress had a relationship with a Chinese spy, who managed to escape before the FBI could arrest her. 


We know the Chinese communists use “honey pots” to compromise American politicians at every level. There is every reason to assume they eagerly compromised the president’s son. Given all of Hunter’s well-known “issues,” he would be an obvious and easy target to exploit.


If the House majority changes hands this November, Rep. Comer will become chairman of the House Oversight Committee and he is vowing to thoroughly investigate “the Big Guy.”




Meloni & The Left’s Misogyny


Yesterday, we introduced you to Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new prime minister. She’s being viciously attacked by the media. The left’s hatred for Meloni reached a critical mass when she described herself this way, "I am Giorgia. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian. I am Christian." 


You would think feminists and the liberal media would celebrate Italy’s first female prime minister. Alas, no. The fact that she shattered the “glass ceiling” in Italy isn’t newsworthy because she is a Christian woman.


Far from celebrating Meloni as a rising star on the world stage, this unapologetic defender of faith, family and freedom is being smeared as an “authoritarian,” “far-right” and a “fascist.” That’s how the left treats any conservative leader who stands up against globalism. 


Meanwhile, the same people smearing Meloni are totally disinterested in the fact that the women of Iran are in the middle of an uprising against their Islamofascist leaders. 


The Biden White House, which is making a big issue of “women’s rights,” is continuing with “business as usual,” still attempting to negotiate a nuclear deal with the tyrants of Tehran. 


By the way, this is one of the reasons why Israel is so despised by the left. As the only nation for Jews in the world, it has an innate sense of the importance of defending its borders and for putting Israel first. 


And what happens when a Jewish prime minister speaks up for the security of his state and his people? He’s called a “bigot” and a “fascist,” and is accused of running “an apartheid state.”




Barack Is Back!


Since Joe Biden took office, America has suffered from record-breaking illegal immigration. At least two million illegal aliens attempted to cross the southern border last year, and even more than that have already been caught at the border this year.


Because of Biden’s open border crisis, suspected terrorists are crossing the border in record numbers. Record amounts of illegal drugs are fueling a record number of drug overdose deaths, and a record number of migrants are also dying at the border.


This is a national security disaster and a humanitarian crisis. But if any of this concerns you, well, you must be a bigot. That was Barack Obama’s contribution to the national debate over immigration and border security. 


He told a group of Hispanic realtors in southern California recently that conservatives feared “too many people of darker shades” coming into the country.


Here we go again. Joe Biden is calling conservatives “semi-fascists.” Hillary is comparing conservatives to Nazis. And America’s first black president is accusing the country of being full of racists. That’s some platform. All the left has is fear, division and bigotry.




Biden vs. The Braves


There was an awkward scene at the White House yesterday as President Biden hosted the Atlanta Braves to celebrate their 2021 World Series championship. 


Don’t forget that Joe Biden, woke corporate CEOs and the rest of the radical left wanted to punish Georgia after the state passed a major election integrity bill last year. And they succeeded in getting the MLB All-Star Game moved out of Atlanta, costing the city’s minority-owned businesses tens of millions of dollars.


If these optics weren’t bad enough, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made matters worse when she said yesterday that Biden believes the Braves should “have a conversation” about changing the name of the team.