The Left’s Attack On America, Warren’s War

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Left’s Attack On America


The attack in Highland Park, Illinois, this week wasn’t just a random act of violence. It was a deliberate attack on America on the Fourth of July by a nihilist inspired by the left’s false narrative of “evil America.” 


My certainty that the killer is a product of the left is based on the fact that the liberal media have virtually no interest in his motives. Nevertheless, we are learning more as the investigation proceeds. 


For example, we now know that the shooter dressed as a woman to evade capture. He then drove to Madison, Wisconsin, and “seriously considered” a second attack on a Fourth of July celebration. After he arrived, he realized he had not done enough advance planning and returned to Highland Park, where he was arrested.


When this horrible attack on America happened on the holiday in which we celebrate our birth as a nation, this nihilist not only inflicted death and destruction on Highland Park. This act of terrorism also caused Fourth of July parades all over the Midwest to be canceled out of an abundance of caution.


Now we’re also learning that there was another attack planned on Americans celebrating their country in Richmond, Virginia. 


Acting on a tip, local law enforcement and the FBI arrested two illegal aliens. According to a police spokeswoman, both men are from Guatemala. They were in possession of multiple high-powered weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Their plan was to attack a venue that seats more than 2,000 people.


One of the men had entered the country illegally multiple times and had been deported multiple times


This is Joe Biden’s America. 


If you’re a criminal, a gang member, a drug dealer, a terrorist, you can just keep coming across until you’re scot-free because there is absolutely no commitment to border security and no intention of enforcing our immigration laws.


For this failure alone, his outrageous unwillingness to defend and protect the country, Joe Biden deserves to be impeached!


In both cases, Highland Park and Richmond, these violent thugs are products of the left -- products of the left’s hatred of America, hatred of our history, hatred of our founding and hatred of our values. Predictably, the left’s hatred motivates deranged criminals who want to see America burn.


Meanwhile, the left is trying to put Donald Trump in prison because he urged his followers to march “peacefully and patriotically” to Capitol Hill. 


But their constant drumbeat about America being “evil” and “systemically racist,” that half of our citizens are “Nazis” and “the Christian Taliban,” that our flag is a “symbol of oppression,” is producing hate and horror. Virtually no one is connecting those dots.


There is no perfect nation in this fallen world. But America has brought more peace and prosperity than any nation in history. Yet, the left constantly defames it and demonizes it.




Warren’s War


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has declared war on women in need. She recently launched a vicious attack on crisis pregnancy centers -- during a time when they are being vandalized and set on fire all over the country. Warren should be condemning this pro-abortion violence. Instead, she’s stoking it!


Warren whined that crisis pregnancy centers “outnumber genuine abortion clinics three to one” in Massachusetts. She accused them of wishing “harm” on women, and she wants them shut down now.


She also tweeted that it was “more important than ever to crack down on so-called 'crisis pregnancy centers.’”


Sen. Warren is supporting legislation, introduced in the House and the Senate with more than 80 Democrat co-sponsors, that gives the Federal Trade Commission the power to regulate and fine crisis pregnancy centers. 


That’s just what we need. Never mind $5 a gallon gas or the baby formula shortage. Don’t pay any attention to the wide-open border. Warren’s priority is more big government regulation of faith-based ministries dedicated to saving babies and helping women!


And that’s exactly why Warren is so upset. These centers expose the lie of the left. They make “choice” possible. Kudos to pro-life actress and activist Patricia Heaton for pushing back against Warren’s lunacy. 


But the left doesn’t want choice. They are truly pro-abortion, and they only want more abortions.




More Left-Wing Lunacy


While we’re on the subject of left-wing lunacy, the National Education Association is holding its annual convention in Chicago. The delegates reportedly voted overwhelmingly to “publicly stand in defense of abortion . . . and encourage members to participate in . . . rallies and demonstrations, lobbying and political campaigns, educational events, and other actions.”


But that’s not all. The teachers’ union was also set to vote on a resolution replacing the word “mother” with “birthing parent” in official documents, such as employment contracts.


Teaching is an honorable profession. But like so many of our institutions, the educational establishment has been hijacked by the radical left that seems to know no limits to its radicalism while it has neglected the best interests of our children. If you’re a teacher who doesn’t want your hard-earned money supporting this radical agenda, click here for more information.


In other examples of left-wing insanity, the Dutch government is cracking down on food production and literally driving farmers out of business in the name of climate change. 


Germany passed emergency legislation this week to bail out major energy companies that are on the brink of bankruptcy. Europe’s economic powerhouse is preparing for even more extreme measures, like rationing natural gas this winter, which will have devastating consequences for consumers and industry. 


This crisis is the predictable result of radical left-wing environmental policies that left Germany dependent on Russia for energy. Donald Trump tried to warn them.


And do you remember Joe Biden’s big announcement that he was releasing millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help with our energy crisis? Well, it turns out that a lot of that oil went to communist China and other nations. 


That’s what an America Last policy looks like.