The Left Targets You, The Criminalization Of Politics, The Battle Against Big Government

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Left Targets You


Wednesday night, the House of Representatives rammed through a disturbing bill under the guise of "fighting domestic terrorism." 


The legislation would massively expand the federal bureaucracy by creating new domestic terrorism units inside in the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, laying the foundation for a domestic police state.


Gee, what could possibly go wrong?


A lot, as we have just seen with Biden's "Ministry of Truth" at the Department of Homeland Security. That board, initially run by the "Mary Poppins of Disinformation," has been squelched temporarily, but it and other agencies like it would be put on steroids under the bill that passed the House Wednesday night. 


Everything in this bill is meant to spy on Americans. It's aimed at you!


Nothing is being done to stop the carnage that occurs every weekend in Chicago. But once again, the left is doing everything it can to exploit the Buffalo shooting. The major thrust of this "domestic terrorism" legislation is that "hate speech leads to violence." 


Nobody supports domestic terrorism. And if we were following the normal meaning of words, the vote would have been unanimous. 


But the insane left, which believes men can get pregnant and have abortions, is not following the normal meaning of words anymore. That's why virtually every House Republican, including some who had initially co-sponsored the legislation, voted against it. (Only retiring NeverTrumper Adam Kinzinger supported it.) 


Rep. Jim Jordan summed up the problem well. He said:


"This bill is dangerous because we've already seen the weaponization of the government. We saw it in the IRS a few years ago. We've seen it in the FBI . . . most recently, the DOJ working with the FBI to go after parents. This bill formalizes what we've already seen. That's why it's so dangerous." 




The Criminalization Of Politics


This legislation is yet another part of the left's ongoing effort to criminalize politics, to make normal conservative opinions unspeakable.


If you're against the invasion occurring at the southern border, if you believe some of the illegal aliens coming in are criminals, or might take jobs from American citizens of all races, the left says you are engaging in hate speech against foreigners. 


If you believe abortion is murder, the left says that is hate speech against women. 


If you believe marriage is between a man and a woman, the left says you are engaged in homophobic hate speech. The list goes on and on and it's growing by the day. 


Here's the latest example: In an increasing number of schools, left-wing bureaucrats insist that if little Johnny calls someone by the wrong pronoun, that's an assault and hate speech, and Johnny can be thrown out of school.


We've already seen how parents going to school board meetings were targeted by the FBI as "domestic terrorists." 


For years, we've been encouraging more civic engagement at the local level. But when parents show up to complain about the garbage the radical left is pushing on our kids, the left deploys Big Government to shut us up.


The left isn't even pretending to go after "Russian disinformation" any more. It's all about "domestic terrorism" now. And of course, the left is very selective about "hate crimes." It only goes one way.


Concerned parents at school boards are "domestic terrorists," but thousands of looters and rioters are "social justice activists." 




The Battle Against Big Government


After three thousand Americans were brutally murdered on 9/11, many good conservatives – including me – supported efforts by the government to go after radical Islamists targeting the American people. 


We were assured that the vast intelligence powers of the U.S. government would never be used against the American people. It was only meant to get the bad guys. 


Well, we have since learned that virtually all these powers were repeatedly abused and turned against the domestic political opponents of the left. That's what the Durham investigation and trial taking place right now are all about.


This monstrosity will hopefully be killed in the Senate. But what is the Senate doing? Yesterday, it passed the $40 billion aid bill for Ukraine. 


Every conservative senator should have condemned House liberals for targeting the majority of Americans who are furious with the left's insane agenda. Instead, they were helping another country secure its borders, while ours remain wide open.


While I appreciate that so many conservatives in the House voted against the left's "domestic enemies" bill, it's not enough. Did you even know about this bill?


Conservative House members should have walked out in protest. They have to find some way to make it impossible for the media to ignore what is happening in this country and how the left has become so extreme.




Other Headlines


  • The Supreme Court ruled 5-to-4 that federal courts do not have jurisdiction to intervene in certain cases when illegal aliens have been issued deportation orders.


  • A federal judge blocked the Biden Administration from forcing religious employers and medical professionals to pay for or perform "gender affirmation" surgeries and procedures.


  • A California judge struck down a woke law requiring gender-based affirmative action quotas for corporate boards seats.


  • South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed legislation protecting girls' sports from boys who claim to be girls.


  • Operation Lone Star, a massive border security effort launched by the State of Texas, has apprehended more than 225,000 illegal aliens. More than 10,000 have been charged with felony offenses. Thousands of weapons, 160 pounds of fentanyl (enough to kill 30 million people) and $30 million in cash were also seized under Operation Lone Star.


  • Joe Biden's approval rating hit a new low this week, and it has collapsed to just 26% with Hispanic voters, casting further doubt on the left's mantra that "demography is destiny."


  • GOP turnout in the 2022 primaries is far outpacing Democrats. If current trends hold, they suggest 2022 may be another big wave year like 1994 and 2010.