Packing The Courts, Trump To The Bronx, Pandemic Replay

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Packing The Courts


The “Progs” (progressives) have not been shy about their desire to “fundamentally transform” the courts. They have repeatedly called for packing the Supreme Court with additional left-wing activists in order to end the court’s conservative majority.


While they haven’t managed to do that yet, they are having success transforming the lower federal courts. So far, the Senate has confirmed 200 Biden judicial nominees, and they are all left-wing ideologues.


They are the kinds of judges who are responsible for the insane headlines you often read that defy common sense and the Constitution.


Let me give you an example.


Yesterday, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Kennedy (R-LA) grilled one of Biden’s judicial nominees who was before the Senate Judiciary Committee. They wanted to know why she put a six-foot-two man, who was convicted of molesting a young boy and raping a teenage girl, in a women’s prison.


The nominee insisted that everyone had a right to feel safe in their own space. Really? I doubt many women in that prison feel safe knowing there is a male rapist in there with them.


But this judge evidently believes, as most of the so-called “progressive left” does, that “trans rights” are superior to women’s rights.


Sadly, this is the kind of insanity Joe Biden is forcing on us. His judges don’t care about the law or common sense. They only care about advancing the left’s radical agenda at all costs.


We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Joe Biden nominated a Supreme Court justice who couldn’t define what a woman is. When did such stupidity become an acceptable qualification for the Supreme Court?


The most important thing a president does, next to keeping the country safe from foreign enemies, is appointing federal judges. They serve for decades, and their decisions have far-reaching consequences. The men and women we elect to the Senate will either confirm or reject these nominees.


Your vote decides who makes those appointments and whether they are confirmed.


Any Christian or conservative who cares about America should care about getting the right judges confirmed.


To America’s pastors: Tell your flocks to vote and help save our country!




Trump To The Bronx


Donald Trump is holding a rally in the Bronx today. It’s a gutsy move, but recent polls indicate he has some momentum in New York.


That said, I am deeply worried about the potential for violence. Every left-wing group in New York City is urging their radical supporters to turn out and make it clear that Donald Trump isn’t welcome there.


This will be a security nightmare. If there is widespread violence, which is possible, the left-wing media will say, “See! This is what will happen if he becomes president.” Of course, that’s exactly what they did in the summer of 2020.


So, if you’re reading this before 6:00 PM ET, pray for President Trump, his supporters, and the residents of the Bronx. Pray that the schemes of actual left-wing Nazis trying to end free speech in America will fail.




Biden Bust


Joe Biden made a swing through New England this week. But one event in New Hampshire was so poorly attended that a reporter said he was waiting for someone to shout “Bingo!” The sitting president of the United States was only able to draw a crowd of a couple dozen people.


Yet polling indicates that Biden has at least half the state behind him, even if only 40 people show up at his events.


The people who make up the neo-Marxist left are not necessarily motivated by a particular person. They are voting based on identity and ideology. You could run a dead man and leftists would vote for the corpse.


That’s why they are so committed to the “manufacturing approach” to elections. It’s not winning hearts and minds. It’s simply having massive data on every last person who identifies in any way with the left and then churning out votes like a conveyor belt.


They need time to get their voters on that conveyor belt, to get their votes in the mail, or to the drop boxes. And then there is always Plan B when their dead voters start casting ballots.


There is so much at stake this year, but I am hearing with some regularity that people see no evidence of the national Republican Party on the ground in their state.


I’ve been to several swing states recently, and that’s what I am being told over and over again. The RNC insists it has a ground game, but the grassroots activists I’m talking to aren’t seeing it.




Pandemic Replay


My eagle eye caught something odd yesterday, so I flipped over to CNBC to see what was going on in the stock market. Virtually every vaccine company on the stock exchange was posting big gains.


But these same companies have been in the doldrums since the end of COVID because it didn’t result in a recurring revenue stream. So, what’s going on?


I poked around a bit, and there’s chatter that the next pandemic will hit right around the election. This time it will be the avian flu, and there are reported cases of transmission to humans. From what I know, the previous rare cases of avian flu contracted by farm workers did not result in fatalities.


But if there is any way the left can exploit the bird flu and turn it into another COVID fear fest -- justifying all the extraordinary changes to election rules, locking people up, shutting down rallies, closing businesses and churches -- they’ll do it. 




Random Observations


It’s now been confirmed that the two Jordanians who tried to breach the Quantico Marine Corps Base were in the U.S. illegally. One crossed Biden’s open southern border in April, and the other was here on an expired student visa. They were obviously on an intelligence-gathering mission, testing base security to see how they reacted and how long it took to react.


Speaking of foreign terrorists, the Obama/Biden State Department blocked the FBI from arresting Iranian agents inside our country working to advance Iran’s efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction. The State Department repeatedly intervened because it did not want to upset negotiations with Iran, and was willing to sacrifice America’s national security to appease Tehran.


Rep. Jason Smith, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, announced yesterday that he has proof Hunter Biden committed perjury multiple times during his sworn testimony.


Several states held elections this week. In Georgia, a conservative Supreme Court justice defeated his liberal opponent, who ran explicitly on abortion, by 10 points.


In Kentucky, Joe Biden lost seven counties to “uncommitted,” which also picked up five delegates. “Uncommitted” has so far won 28 delegates to the Democrat National Convention.


And in progressive Portland, Oregon, it looks like voters ousted the left-wing, Soros-funded, soft-on-crime district attorney and elected a veteran prosecutor.




Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom


In this week’s Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I discuss the dangers facing America and the Church with Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project.


Click here to listen to the podcast.