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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A Partisan Prosecution


Many Americans are infuriated by the obvious lawfare campaign the left has been waging against Donald Trump. Legal experts and professors of constitutional law say these cases are weak and abusive. It’s the stuff of banana republics.


But to actually watch it play out in real time in a Manhattan courtroom makes me furious. As I noted yesterday, Hillary Clinton did essentially the exact same thing and was never prosecuted. If we’re going to start prosecuting so-called “hush money” cases, let’s start with Congress!


It’s not enough to drag Trump into court on trumped-up bookkeeping charges. Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg is also trying to hold Donald Trump in contempt for violating a gag order.


The concept of a gag order has always been controversial in the American legal system because it directly conflicts with our First Amendment right to free speech.


Nonetheless, gag rules are employed in the judicial system but almost always to protect the rights of the defendant. Police, prosecutors, other local officials, and the media will be told by a judge to shut up about a case so the defendant can get a fair trial.


But in this case, they are using the gag rule against Trump to prevent him from defending himself.


So, an attorney who went to jail for perjury but is a key witness in the case can go on TV and launch one verbal assault after another against Trump, and he can’t respond.


It’s unacceptable. It’s unfair. It’s un-American.




Silence On The Hill


Where is the Republican Party? Every elected conservative official should be pounding the table about this outrageous lawfare. This is a total abuse of the law!


But there is more outrage from progressives over the fact that we’re impeaching Homeland Insecurity Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas!


I believe what we’re witnessing is a criminal conspiracy consisting of the Biden administration, elected left-wing officials, and other forces within the GOP establishment to deny the American people the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.


Their silence speaks volumes.




Still Swinging


No matter what position they put Donald Trump in, he keeps swinging, and he won’t give up.


After he was forced to sit in Judge Merchan’s kangaroo court and listen to the attacks against him for hours on end, he left the courtroom yesterday and immediately visited a bodega in Harlem to “prosecute” the case against the left.


But this wasn’t just any bodega.


This was the bodega where a clerk was attacked by two people trying to rob him. In the fight, the clerk ended up killing one of the robbers in self-defense. District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is going after Trump right now, went after the heroic bodega clerk, charging him with second-degree murder.


Thankfully, the outrage against the neo-Marxists who run New York City was so great that Bragg had to back down. He dismissed the charges two weeks later.


Trump met with the bodega owner, Maad Ahmed, and talked about the crime wave that is sweeping America under the defund the police left.


It was an excellent reminder of how Alvin Bragg and his progressive allies have perverted the justice system.




Hope For Justice


The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a case involving gross government abuse of the law, and the outcome could impact hundreds of Americans.


The issue is whether the government can use a federal law that was passed to stop the destruction of financial records in order to obstruct official proceedings (evidence tampering in financial crimes) to dramatically increase the sentences of January 6th defendants.


The court’s conservative majority seemed to believe the law was being abused by prosecutors.


Chief Justice John Roberts wanted to know why the Biden Justice Department was ignoring a 2019 opinion stating that the obstruction clause of the financial records law should be narrowly applied. The government’s lawyer had no good answer.


Justice Clarence Thomas noted that there have been many violent protests that disrupted official proceedings. (Remember the chaos during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings?) He asked whether the government had ever applied this law in a similar way before. The answer was no.


Justice Neil Gorsuch zeroed in on the obvious double standard in this case. He asked if pulling a fire alarm on Capitol Hill to disrupt a vote could get someone 20 years in prison. You may recall that Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) did just that. He only had to pay a fine.




Politics & Policy


I want to revisit a poll I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s report regarding additional funding for Ukraine.


As you know, I have argued repeatedly that if we’re going to do another round of funding for Ukraine, which is in a war they cannot possibly win, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer should pay a price. They should meet the Republican House majority halfway.


Specifically, I believe there should not be one more dollar to secure the borders of Ukraine without additional dollars to secure America’s borders. And the wording must make it impossible for Biden to use the funds for anything other than border security, wall construction, and law enforcement.


Biden is adamantly against this. Congressional Democrats are adamantly against this. Elements of the GOP establishment are against it. But it is the right thing to do and it would be a huge victory to include a serious border security provision in the bill.


If Joe Biden and the Democrats are willing to go to the mat and insist that not one penny is spent to secure the border, Speaker Mike Johnson and the House GOP majority should say, “Be our guest. Veto the bill.”


You will have taken the one issue where Joe Biden is most vulnerable and put it front and center in the middle of the national debate. This is Politics 101. More importantly, it is the right public policy.


The Heritage Foundation recently polled swing state voters and asked how they feel about legislation that sends billions of dollars to Ukraine but does not include one dollar to secure the border. An overwhelming majority -- 75% -- opposed such legislation.


Yet that is what Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment are going to the mat over. They are forcing Speaker Johnson to bring up a bill with more money for Ukraine and no money for the border.


There is nothing else the GOP will vote on the rest of the year where they will be in a stronger position. But they won’t do it.


Yes, Joe Biden opposes it. Yes, the Democrats oppose it. Yes, the media opposes it. Even Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are against it. Yes, the Swamp is against it.


It’s only got one thing going for it – the American people. Remember them? The taxpayers? The voters?




Confronting Communist China


A special House committee investigating the actions of communist China has issued a disturbing report finding that communist China is directly responsible for the flow of deadly fentanyl into the United States. It is another part of the undeclared war that Beijing is waging against us.


Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA) said, “This is a direct assault on America. This is directly killing Americans.”


But there’s more.


Other Chinese-owned medical companies operating in the United States are gathering massive amounts of genetic data on Americans. Why? There have been serious concerns in recent years about the Chinese military’s biological research, including weapons that could be used in “specific ethnic genetic attacks.” (Here and here.)


For example, we are still trying to figure out why COVID-19 was much more lethal in America and Europe compared to Africa, the one continent with the least ability to fight it in terms of healthcare infrastructure. Was COVID “engineered”?