Pelosi’s Stalinist Show Trial, It’s Not Just Trump, Biden’s Abortion Extremism

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pelosi’s Stalinist Show Trial


I’m sure you’ve heard all the “big news” from yesterday’s January 6th Committee hearing by now. “Kangaroo court” doesn’t even begin to describe what took place yesterday. It was a Stalinist show trial. 


It is being conducted by one party with one purpose – to destroy one political opponent they despise and to demoralize millions of American citizens. 


The breathless reporting of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was everywhere, including on Fox News. Bret Baier called it “jaw-dropping,” and claimed it “moved the ball.” 


But even CNN’s Jake Tapper had enough common sense to warn his viewers that the testimony was all hearsay. It was inadmissible in any legal proceeding. Hutchison was talking about things she did not witness. 


And now actual witnesses are coming forward to flatly refute her version of events.


CNN is reporting that two Secret Service agents named by Cassidy Hutchinson are willing to testify publicly to dispute her testimony. That begs the obvious question: Why didn’t the January 6th Committee interview them before or allow them to testify yesterday?


Sadly, this has nothing to do with the truth. It’s all about the left’s narrative, and laying the foundation for charging Donald Trump with inciting an insurrection. 


Let me remind you that Trump wanted to deploy thousands of National Guard troops to protect the Capitol Building. Is that what you do when you’re planning an insurrection to storm it?


How many times will people fall for the left’s big lies?


We were told he went to a hotel in Moscow and had prostitutes urinate on a bed Barack Obama slept in. Total lies.


We were told he went to Normandy and called our troops who died for our country “losers.” Total lies. Even anti-Trumpers said it was a lie.


We were told that Trump praised neo-Nazis as “very fine people,” when he specifically condemned them!


Yet the left keeps lying, over and over and over again.




It’s Not Just Trump


There is a final point that must be made here. 


I know there are good people who think Donald Trump should run again, and there are good people who think he shouldn’t. I’ve heard from both camps. 


Those who think he shouldn’t run are largely afraid that we will go through this same negative, slash and burn media coverage all over again if he runs. 


Here’s what you must understand: This will happen to ANY conservative who runs for president. This is how the modern left operates. 


Remember what the left did to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? You couldn’t ask for a more polite, gentlemanly ticket than that. 


But the left lied about them killing women. The left lied about them committing tax evasion. The left lied about them wanting to put black Americans “back in chains.”


Look at how the left routinely lies about Florida’s conservative governor. (Here, here, here, here and here.) The left has already nicknamed him “DeathSantis.” 


Unless we can stiffen our spines and fight back, these lies will work against any conservative. 




Our Military Is In Crisis


President Joe Biden is in Europe promising to send more American military personnel, equipment and aid to protect our allies from Russia. Perhaps he should pay more attention to what is happening to our military here at home. 


Like everything else in Joe Biden’s America, our military is in crisis.


In March, the Army announced that it was shrinking its size to pre-World War II levels because it just can’t find enough recruits. Last week, the Army announced that it was lowering standards yet again because it has only met 40% of its yearly recruiting goal


The Pentagon blames this struggle on the “great economy,” as if people only join the military for a job. But insiders are pointing to more obvious issues. Part of the problem is the military’s COVID vaccination requirement, which is ludicrous for healthy 18 to 24 year-olds. 


But the bigger problem is that our academic, cultural and political elites are constantly telling our youth how terrible America is. “America has never been great,” they say. They claim America was founded on genocide and slavery. In fact, America is so evil, they insist it must be “fundamentally transformed.”


You don’t “fundamentally transform” something you love. Young people won’t fight and die for a country that they are taught is evil. 


Again, the rhetoric of the left is just as insidious and dangerous as enemy propaganda from communist China, Iran or Russia. 


In addition, young Americans, just like the rest of us, saw Biden’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. That didn’t exactly inspire confidence. 


Late last year, polling found that confidence in the military had plummeted. I suspect that’s because the left’s radical woke agenda has infected the Armed Forces. 


But young Americans don’t join the military to fight and die under the gay pride flag


They don’t join the military to be trained in the use of preferred pronouns


They don’t join the military to hear lectures from French academics about the superiority of socialism.


They join because they love America and they want to defend it. The Founding Fathers loved America. The Greatest Generation loved America. 


But it shouldn’t surprise us that there’s not much love for the radical left’s distorted, woke version of America.




Biden’s Abortion Extremism


As you know the country is facing multiple crises and disasters. The Biden Administration is slowly waking up. Yesterday, it announced a five-point plan that top officials have been working on for months. 


Is it a plan to tackle inflation? No. 


Is it a plan to lower gas prices? No.


Is it a plan to fix the supply chain crisis? No. 


It’s a five-point plan to ensure that more babies are killed in the womb in spite of the Supreme Court’s decision last week. That’s what they’ve been working on.


Xavier Becerra, the radical pro-abortion head of the Department of Health and Human Services, was all over the news yesterday reassuring abortion providers that the Biden/Harris Administration would continue to herd as many women – whoops, sorry – as many birthing people as possible into their clinics. 


That’s one “supply line” they won’t allow to get backed up!


One of their ideas reportedly involves popup abortion clinics on federal land. You know -- the same land that Biden doesn’t want oil drilling on, which could solve our energy crisis, because they’re trying to save future generations from climate change. But they want to allow our federal lands to become killing fields for our future generations.


They wouldn’t allow fireworks at Mt. Rushmore. But the giants of our history carved into the mountain may soon be looking down at abortion clinics!


This administration won’t give you a voucher to make sure your kids can attend better schools. But the HHS secretary is working hard to make sure your tax dollars go for “vouchers” to travel to abortion clinics! 


By the way, the Biden White House is referring pregnant teenagers to radical groups that help them get abortions without parental notification. 


Polling shows that overwhelming majorities of Americans support parental notification for abortion. But once again, the Biden White House is undermining parental rights and exposing its pro-abortion extremism.


We just went through several years where we did extraordinary things to save every life possible. We closed churches and businesses. We shut our schools.  We forced little children to mask up, even though they were at virtually no risk from COVID. 


But before a child can even get COVID, she has to get out of the womb first, and this administration is determined to prevent that. Babies in the womb should be more worried about Joe Biden than COVID!