Pentagon Pride, Security At Risk, Smoke & Mirrors

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pentagon Pride


There was a big “Pride” event at the Pentagon yesterday. That’s not surprising at this point. (Biden is holding the largest “Pride celebration” ever at the White House today.) It’s all part of the left’s plan to corrupt every institution identified with traditional values. 


It was done to the Boy Scouts. It was done to major sports teams. It was done to the FBI. And it was done to the military. But I digress.


What stood out at this particular event was the brazenness with which top Pentagon officials jumped right into the middle of America’s civilian politics, and, of course, on the side of the radical left. 


Remember when Gen. Milley apologized for standing with President Trump after the left burned a historic church? He said, “I should not have been there. My presence in that moment . . . created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” 


Frankly, I think most Americans at that moment were reassured that our military was against church burning. But yesterday’s event more than crossed the line of the military meddling in domestic politics!


Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr., the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel, lashed out at pro-parental rights legislation around the country as “Hate for hate’s sake.” He and others specifically attacked the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida.


Of course, it’s not a “Don’t Say Gay” law. It’s called the Parental Rights in Education Act. Cisneros and other hacks know that. 


The law prohibits explicit discussions of radical gender theories with little children in public schools, and it is overwhelmingly popular. But Biden’s Pentagon wants to impose this radical nonsense on little kids without their parents’ knowledge or permission.


Lt. Gen. Deanna Burt of the U.S. Space Force condemned such laws as “dangerous for service members, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole.” What?!?


It turns out that she’s worried military family members “could be denied critical healthcare due to” certain laws in a particular state. Are there laws denying people healthcare? Only if you consider castrating boys and mutilating girls “healthcare.” 


That’s what General Burt is losing sleep over – laws that protect children from mutilating transgender surgeries!


Help me fight the radical left!




Security At Risk


Now, I want to be clear: This isn’t primarily an LGBTQ issue. This is a national security issue. Will we be ready and will we be able to win the next war with such woke policies and personnel? 


Conservative think tanks don’t need to waste any more money trying to figure out why public support for the military is falling. The American people still support our sons and daughters who join the military to defend our country. But they don’t support the woke left that has clearly hijacked the Pentagon.


This problem goes back many years. It was the Obama/Biden Administration that banned Reverend Franklin Graham from praying at a Pentagon event. 


I have news for Secretary Cisneros and Gen. Burt: You’re worried about readiness and filling the ranks. Well, you are the cause of that very problem! You’re spitting in the face of the very families most likely to produce the young patriots most inclined to join the military.


If you have any doubt, just announce the formation of a new division that will be all LGBTQIA+ and see how many new recruits you get!


Almost every day, there are new stories about communist Chinese infiltration in America. They are occupying our college campuses. They are operating police stations in multiple cities. They are spying on major corporations and hacking government agencies


If our communist enemies in Beijing managed to get into the Pentagon and really wanted to paralyze it, it’s hard to imagine what they would do differently from the leftist insanity Biden is pushing now. 


The left’s hostility to Christianity. Insanity!


Pushing abortion in the military. Insanity!  


Woke LGBTQ & DEI agendas. Insanity!


Our enemies may have already won the next war without ever firing a shot.




Smoke & Mirrors


Much of the East Coast from New England to Washington, D.C., has gotten a rude awakening from Mother Nature. Our prayers go out to everyone impacted by the terrible air quality caused by the smoke from massive Canadian forest fires. 


Surprisingly, nobody has aroused Sleepy Joe Biden to address it, and it is a big deal. Hundreds of flights out of New York City have been canceled. 


But plenty of progressive politicians are running their mouths nonstop. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doubling down on her Green New Deal, which really isn’t about the environment


Teenage influencers are all over social media essentially saying, “This is why we must crush conservatives -- to save the planet!” Of course, none of them know anything about history.  They act like the world started yesterday. 


They should learn about the New England Dark Day of 1780. At noon on May 19, 1780, it looked like midnight. People thought the world was ending. Scientists later determined that massive wildfires in Canada sent massive amounts of smoke drifting down into New England.


That was 243 years ago. There were no factories, no SUVs. The population of the world was many times smaller. Yet that massive wildfire happened. 


More recently, a similar event occurred in 1950.  It was the same phenomena – huge Canadian wildfires broke out and the winds blew smoke into the U.S.


In spite of all the left’s hyperventilating, this has nothing to do with climate change. If anything, it points out the hubris of suggesting that we can control climate change. Mother Nature is making the air quality worse in Ohio than all the pollution in China!


But one thing is for certain: Thanks to the Industrial Revolution and modern technology, we are much better prepared and better equipped to combat and contain wildfires today than we were in 1780.


Sadly, the left will exploit anything, even nature and the weather, to gain power. 




What’s Up With Fox?


What in the world is Fox News up to?


It unceremoniously dumped Tucker Carlson, the network’s most popular primetime commentator, just a couple of days after he gave a major speech about faith. Someday we may learn whether there is a direct connection between those remarks and his dismissal. 


But not only did Fox take its most effective asset off the network, there was collateral damage to every other show. MSNBC once again beat Fox News in the Monday night ratings. 


Now, the geniuses at Fox seem to be trying to make up for Carlson by giving Chris Christie as much airtime as possible. They dump a guy who can get 100 million views on Twitter and replace him with a guy who barely breaks 1% among Republican voters. 


Well, I think I know what’s going on. No matter what you think about the GOP primary, it’s clear that Fox has an agenda. 


Insiders say the Never Trumpers believe Donald Trump can be beaten by someone in Iowa, possibly by Chris Christie in New Hampshire, then by Tim Scott or Nikki Haley in South Carolina. If Trump loses three contests in a row, they believe his numbers will fall nationwide, allowing another candidate to win the nomination. 




Goodbye, Pat


Reverend Pat Robertson died this morning. We were allies in many battles over the years. Like Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority in the 1980s, Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition and the American Center for Law and Justice were essential elements to the success of the conservative movement.


Predictably, the “tyrants of tolerance” are showing their true colors today. One deranged leftist created a social media post with the acronym PRIDE – “Pat Robertson IDead Everybody!”


At times, Robertson and I vehemently disagreed.  One of those times involved giving communist China “most favored nation” trading status. Pat thought it was a good idea. I disagreed then, and I continue to believe it was one of the biggest mistakes the American political establishment ever made. 


But on matters of faith, the sanctity of life and the family, Pat Robertson devoted his life to the values we cherish, and his leadership will be missed.