Planned Parenthood Billboard Near School Tells Kids: “Getting It On Is Free”


Monday, February 3, 2014

by Steven Ertelt | Memphis, TN | | 1/31/14 4:50 PM

Parenthood billboard near a school in Memphis, Tennessee is drawing heavy criticism from local parents, who are upset by the message it’s sending their kids.

The billboard has the message “Getting It On Is Free” and a picture of a condom — something residents of a south Memphis neighborhood don’t like. The billboard has only been up one week and is already generating controversy.

From a local news report:

“I was shocked. I was appalled that anyone would put up a picture of condom,” said Karen Wallace.

Karen Wallace works at a church nearby and has to drive by the billboard every day.

She said what is worse it’s right next to an elementary school cross walk.

“The graphic was not necessary the message was enough,” said Wallace.

A dad who saw the sign for the first time Thursday agreed and said it’s not something he wants his children to see.

“No! It ain’t nothing to send out to my kids,” said Rickey Munn.

The billboard is one of 12 Planned Parenthood has put in the county to prevent HIV and STD’s.