Planned Parenthood: Women Want Abortions for Valentine’s Day


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 2/10/14 1:42 PM

A box of chocolates? No. A nice date to a fancy restaurant? No. Flowers? No. How about a massage, doing the dishes or taking the kids for the day? Nope, not that either.

If you’re a husband or boyfriend looking for what to get for or do for your special someone for Valentine’s Day, Planned Parenthood has the answer: abortion.

In a new video featuring Cecile Richards, the CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business, abortion is apparently what women want for Valentine’s Day. The following is a Vine video the abortion activist is promoting on Facebook and Twitter today.

The promotion of abortion for Valentine’s Day is not surprising considering that’s jut about all it offers pregnant women. Some 92 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood get abortions.

In 2011, abortions made up 92% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care and adoption referrals accounted for only 7% (28,674) and 0.6% (2,300), respectively. For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 145 abortions.

“Planned Parenthood has spent much of the last few years demanding that taxpayers add millions more to their coffers, citing their non-profit status and so-called focus on women’s health,” said SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser. “What have we received for our money? While government subsidies to Planned Parenthood have reached an all time high, so too has the number of lives ended by this profit-driven abortion business. Destroying nearly one million children in three years is not health care and does not reflect a concern for vulnerable women and girls. As Planned Parenthood’s funding goes up, abortions increase and real health services for women go down.”

“As if these numbers weren’t already horrifying, Planned Parenthood has upped the ante even further by mandating that all affiliates provide abortions beginning this year. Americans are sick and tired of underwriting the nation’s largest abortion business. We call on Congress to immediately investigate and defund Planned Parenthood,” she added.