Poll: Israel still most favorably viewed Mideast country among Americans


Wednesday, February 19, 2014
02/19/2014 14:18

The Gallup poll also reveals that Americans have an even more favorable view of Egypt and the Palestinian Authority compared to a year ago; Iran's rating approves from last year, but still least liked among Mideast countries.


US and Israeli relations Photo: REUTERS

Israel is still the most favorably viewed country in the Middle East among Americans, according to a new Gallup poll whose results were announced on Wednesday.

A random sample of 1,023 respondents revealed that 72 percent held a "very favorable" view of Israel, a 6-percent jump from a year ago.

The poll also revealed that Americans have an even more favorable view of Egypt and the Palestinian Authority compared to a year ago.

Last year, 15 percent of Americans viewed the Palestinian Authority favorably, compared to 19 percent this year.

The country with the worst approval rating in the eyes of Americans is Iran, with just 12 percent viewing the Islamic Republic favorably. The number is a three-point improvement from a year ago. Americans' opinion of Syria is at an all-time low – 13 percent, according to Gallup.