Real Olympic Gold, More Muddled Messages, Trump's Pull In The GOP

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Real Olympic Gold


Did you see her? I'm serious, you have to watch her! I'm talking about Tamyra Mensah-Stock


If you haven't already heard, she's a 28 year-old woman who won a gold medal yesterday at the Tokyo Olympics. In fact, she's the first black woman to win a gold medal in wrestling for the United States. But that's not the big deal.


The big deal is who she is. Tamyra is an America-loving, joyous, Christian young woman. Everything I just described radiates from her like a light shining in the darkness. 


After her win, Tamyra enthusiastically draped herself in the American flag. She told reporters, "I love representing the United States. I love it. I'm so happy I get to represent the USA." 


She also spoke openly about her faith, saying, "It's by the grace of God that I'm able to even move my feet. I just leave it in His hands, and pray that all the practice . . . pays off." It certainly did!


Born in Chicago, Tamyra's family moved to Houston, Texas, where she began wrestling in high school. But she nearly gave it up after her father was killed in a car crash coming home from one of her wrestling meets. 


Fortunately, her family convinced her to pursue her talents. She attended Wayland Baptist University and won three national championships. Now she has an Olympic gold medal too.


Over the decades, America produced many athletes like Tamyra who loved God and America just as she does. But in this sorry age, it's the ingrates who despise our country who make all the headlines. 


Today, I'm going to ignore that pathetic lot. I'm going to focus on this young woman who is living proof of American greatness and the power of faith.


I would give Tamyra 10 gold medals if I could. What she accomplished for herself is historic. The way she lifted the spirits of all patriotic Americans is priceless!




Your Papers, Please!


Yesterday, Bill de Blasio, the left-wing mayor of New York City, imposed the nation's most draconian vaccine mandate. Starting August 16th, New York City residents cannot go to movies, plays, restaurants, bars or gyms unless they can prove they are vaccinated.


De Blasio is not just making a suggestion. He will begin enforcing and policing this mandate in September. Presumably, business owners and their customers can expect New York City bureaucrats or even police officers to approach them in a restaurant and demand to see their vaccination papers.


De Blasio was clear: "If you want to participate in our society fully, you've got to get vaccinated." Without the NYC VAX Pass, you're a second-class citizen.


In "progressive" New York City, they are establishing an "apartheid" regime. The city's own data show that only 31% of New York City's black residents are fully vaccinated, much lower than the percentage of New York's white residents. 


So, the progressive de Blasio has just told two-thirds of black New Yorkers that they can't go to a movie, they can't see a play, they can't go to a bar or a restaurant unless they can prove they have taken a vaccine that still hasn't been officially approved by the FDA. 


Where's Jesse Jackson? Where's Al Sharpton? I would hope that the black civil rights leadership will speak up and denounce this outrageous mandate that disproportionately penalizes New York's minority community. And where's AOC? Only 42% of the city's Hispanic population is fully vaccinated.


By the way, de Blasio's ruling completely ignores everyone who has had the virus, recovered and now has natural immunity against COVID. Many of those people have been advised by their doctors that they don't need the vaccine. There are hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers of all races who are in that category.


The statistics regarding hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated and unvaccinated speak volumes. By and large, the vaccines developed under the direction of the Trump/Pence Administration work. However, I am adamantly against mandates from overbearing government bureaucrats. 


Freedom, individual liberty and individual responsibility are the bedrock values of our Republic! But that no longer matters to the increasingly totalitarian, Marxist left. 




More Muddled Messages


As we have noted, confidence in America's public health system, in which many dedicated professionals serve, has been shattered. It has been undermined daily by the stupidity of the bureaucratic leaders of the public health system. 


The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, provided a perfect example yesterday during an interview with CNN. He said parents with young children should wear masks in their own homes. To emphasize the point, he further explained:


"Parents of unvaccinated kids should be thoughtful about this, and the recommendation is to wear masks there [at home] as well. I know that's uncomfortable. I know it seems weird, but it is the best way to protect your kids."


Yes, it is uncomfortable, and it's more than weird!


There is zero scientific evidence for that advice. It makes no sense. And I can't imagine any parent actually doing that.


Needless to say, Dr. Collins created a lot of confusion. So, CNN invited Dr. Anthony Fauci on to clarify things for us. Fauci said, "It's very simple: He misspoke." 


Oh, okay. I guess Dr. Collins just had a "Biden moment."




Really, Andrew?


I thought I had seen everything, but apparently not. 


Reeling from fresh accusations of sexual harassment and extensive criminal activity, Gov. Andrew Cuomo decided that the best way to defend himself was to present a slideshow of him getting handsy with all kinds of people. His press conference yesterday was beyond bizarre. 


No doubt inspired by Bill Clinton and Ralph Northam, I assume Cuomo will dig in, hunker down and, most likely, survive this. 


And really, what's a little groping compared to covering up the COVID killing fields of New York's nursing homes?


All joking aside, that's the biggest scandal, the most egregious abuse of power and one of the worst examples of political malfeasance in modern New York history! Yet our left-wing elites gave Cuomo an Emmy for his "leadership."




Trump's Pull In The GOP


In a hotly contested Republican primary for an open Ohio House seat, the Trump-endorsed candidate, Mike Carey, easily won last night. The victory is notable because establishment elements of the Ohio Republican Party did everything they could to promote another candidate, and they failed.


Also notable was that all of the candidates, understanding Trump's influence, slyly used language that could lead voters to think Trump had endorsed them, when he had only endorsed Carey.


In recent days, the fake news media were setting the stage to pounce if Trump's candidate lost. But since he won, you need a magnifying glass today to find the results of the election.