The Real Threat, Impeachment Watch, Debate Debacle

Friday, September 29, 2023

The Real Threat


President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Arizona yesterday to honor the late Senator John McCain.  (As I’ve noted before, in the minds of progressives the only acceptable Republicans are dead Republicans.) 


Among other things, Biden announced funding for a new McCain Library at Arizona State University.  It’s being built with $83 million in COVID relief funds.  Sen. McCain, who was known for fighting pork barrel spending, would be outraged.  His son-in-law certainly was. 


More importantly, Joe Biden was back in attack mode, demonizing and dehumanizing the majority of the country that would kick him out of office if the election were held today.


Biden claimed there is a growing “dangerous” and “extremist movement” in the country that “does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy.”  Well, he’s right about that.  But he says the “extremist” threat is the MAGA movement.  He’s wrong about that.


The real threat to democracy is coming from the neo-Marxist left that is literally trying to put Donald Trump in jail for saying what many liberals have said.  At the same time, the neo-Marxist movement is building a campaign around the insane idea that half the country is a “threat to democracy.” 


They are doing everything they accuse us of doing!  Let me count the ways the left is threatening our constitutional Republic.


Their loyalists in the Deep State spread lies about Russian collusion to undermine the duly-elected president. 


Then they worked with Big Tech oligarchs to censor the truth, Trump and anyone else who dissented from the party line on multiple issues.


Rather than trying to restore confidence in our elections, the left is promoting policies that make cheating easier, thus undermining confidence in our elections.


The left has undermined the equal protection of the law by selectively using law enforcement to prosecute conservatives while radical leftists get off scot-free.


The left is trying to pack the Supreme Court, and regularly undermines the legitimacy of the court.


The left is teaching our children that America was evil from the beginning and is evil today.


The left is perfectly willing to exploit race and stoke racial tensions to gain power.


They are threatening to starve poor children in order to crush any opposition to the radical LGBTQ movement and transgender insanity.


They rejoined multiple international organizations that are taking sovereignty away from the American people.


The number one obligation of the government is to protect the country from foreign enemies.  This administration intentionally puts America at risk.  It is leaving our borders wide open


They are so hostile to normal American sentiments that they are importing a new population, which they believe will be more subservient to the nation they want to build, a “fundamentally transformed America.”


Most progressives reject freedom of speech.  They are at war with religious liberty.  They want to gut the Second Amendment


And, of course, they are using a justice system they control, in jurisdictions they dominate, along with biased judges to imprison their leading political opponent and his followers. 


Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez would be proud.




Impeachment Watch


The House of Representatives held its first official impeachment inquiry hearing into the foreign influence peddling scheme run by the Biden family.  Progressives immediately attempted to derail the hearings, and threw punches every opportunity they had. 


One of the main witnesses was Bruce Dubinskya, a forensic accountant.  He told Fox & Friends that he was shocked by the “deflection” he witnessed during yesterday’s hearing. 


Dubinskya said that it shouldn’t matter who is under investigation or whose names were on these accounts.  The evidence of likely illegality is overwhelming.  For example, having 20 shell companies is always associated with money laundering. 


When you see money paid into one of those companies being distributed to another company that is then distributed to other companies and then paid out to members of one family, that’s a big red flag.


Another big red flag is when people are paid huge sums of money when they have no expertise in the area of work they are being paid to do. 


He noted that ExxonMobil, the biggest energy company in the world, has a very serious board of directors who know the energy industry.  Its board members were paid $350,000 a year.  Hunter Biden, with no energy expertise, was paid $1 million a year by Burisma, a company that is a fraction of the size of ExxonMobil. 


Of course, we know that Hunter wasn’t paid for his energy expertise, but for his father’s ability to block investigations of Burisma.  And yet the left-wing politicians insist there’s no evidence of wrongdoing. 


There is a mountain of evidence!


In addition to the evidence of influence peddling and bribery, there is growing evidence of obstruction of justice.  (Here and here.)  Of course, you wouldn’t know about any of this if you’re only watching the “lamestream media.”




Debate Debacle


The second Fox News GOP presidential debate was a ratings debacle, down 25% from the first debate.  Donald Trump is calling on the RNC to scrap future debates.  Former Speaker Newt Gingrich agrees.  Speaking with Laura Ingraham last night, Gingrich said:


“I think the Republican National Committee should cancel the future debates, and say, ‘We recognize the objective fact that Trump will be the nominee. We want to work with him.'  And then the next big hurdle is a totally corrupt judicial system, which is trying every way it can to deny the American people the right to have the candidate that they’re choosing. . .


“Trump is not really a candidate.  He is the leader of a national movement and that’s a totally different psychological and emotional relationship than a candidacy.” 


Gingrich went on to explain that America is facing a simple binary choice:  Do you want four more years of Joe Biden or do you want Donald Trump? 




The Left’s War On Normalcy


The Biden Administration unveiled a proposed rule yesterday that will require foster care agencies that accept federal funds and the foster parents in those agencies to affirm whatever gender confusion a child may be suffering from.  For example, the proposed regulation declares: 


“To be considered a safe and appropriate placement, a provider is expected to utilize the child’s identified pronouns, chosen name, and allow the child to dress in an age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression.”


States like Massachusetts are already doing this, effectively discriminating against Christians who want to open their homes to children in need.  Once again, when leftists demand tolerance and say, “Live and let live,” they’re lying.  They don’t mean it. 


We are in a cultural civil war.  The prize is our children.  The side that prevails will teach our children what to believe about life and death, love and sex, freedom and slavery. 


Any pastor who is afraid to address these issues should be ashamed of themselves.


By the way, we noted earlier this week that Gavin Newsom, California’s far-left governor, made headlines for vetoing one radical transgender bill that passed the California legislature. 


Well, he showed his true colors the next day when he signed a series of bills into law that further entrench LGBTQ indoctrination in the schools and undermine parental rights.




Other Headlines


  • The Senate voted unanimously to approve a formal dress code that requires senators to appear in “business attire” on the Senate floor.  No more hoodies and shorts for John Fetterman.


  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended four schools from the state’s school choice program for their direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party. 


  • North Carolina is now the tenth state to enact major school choice legislation.


  • Eric Johnson, the mayor of Dallas, Texas, switched parties from Democrat to Republican.


  • The Texas Republican Party is calling for a special legislative session on the Colony Ridge development, a community that caters to illegal aliens.




“Season of our Rejoicing!”


Carol and I wish all of our Jewish friends and supporters a blessed Sukkot as they celebrate God’s providence.