Stop The Panic Pandemic, Fauci Goes Full Fascist, Real Domestic Terrorists

Monday, November 29, 2021

Stop The Panic Pandemic!


As you know, a new COVID variant called Omicron has been discovered in South Africa, and cases are being reported in other countries around the world. 


Over the weekend, virtually every Biden official, as well as most media outlets, did everything they could to overturn FDR's famous statement, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Instead, they sent the message that fear is the only thing they have.


The new variant appears to be easily transmissible. But the South African doctor who first identified Omicron says its symptoms are unusual. What does she mean? Well, she described them as "extremely mild." Many patients could barely tell they were sick. They are more tired than usual and had some body aches. That is good news, not bad.


In other words, it appears that COVID is doing what most viruses do – it is becoming less dangerous over time. But you wouldn't know it from the hysterical media coverage this weekend. 


Our experts should be giving us guidance based on science, but Dr. Fauci is already warning of new lockdowns. The governor of New York declared a state of emergency and shutdown non-essential surgeries, even though there are no reported cases of Omicron in the Empire State.


There's some concern that this new variant may be resistant to current vaccines. So, what did the White House do? When he addressed the nation today, President Biden urged folks to get vaccinated and boosted. Can anyone explain that "science"?


In his remarks, Biden also said that he "acted immediately" by ordering a travel ban on several African countries. When Donald Trump did that, Biden said it was evidence of bigotry


If Biden thinks a travel ban is helpful, then he should have ordered it to take effect immediately. But the Biden regime was incompetent again. Biden ordered the travel ban late last week, but the ban doesn't take effect until late today. Can anyone explain that "science"? 


And travel bans really don't matter when we have hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world literally walking across our border every month, unmasked, untested and unvaccinated.


Joe Biden said numerous times that he had a plan to "crush COVID and save the economy." Well, Biden lied, and more people have died this year from COVID than died last year under Trump.




Fauci Goes Full Fascist


This weekend, Dr. Anthony Fauci said one of the scariest things I have heard in a long time. Referring to his critics, Dr. Fauci had the audacity to declare:


"They're really criticizing science because I represent science. That's dangerous. . . And if you damage science, you are doing something very detrimental to society."


No, Dr. Fauci, your delusions of grandeur are dangerous, and you're not the sole arbiter of science.


Science is never beyond question. Science does not shut down debate. That's how scientific breakthroughs happen because someone dares to question the "conventional wisdom." If we didn't criticize or question science, we'd still be teaching that the earth is flat. 


By the way, if you unscramble "Omicron," it spells "Moronic." There's some real symmetry there given our so-called "experts."




Media Malfeasance


Today marks one week since the horrific evil attack by a criminal thug against the good people of Waukesha, Wisconsin. The American media has already dropped the story. But dozens of grieving families in Wisconsin can't move on so easily. 


Once again, the media's malfeasance was on full display in its coverage of the Waukesha attack, where a radical black supremacist deliberately killed white people. The media did everything it could to prevent Americans from knowing that fact.  


One CNN headline observed that "a car drove through a city Christmas parade." Really? So, the culprit was a car? Another report was headlined: "SUV Plows Into Wisconsin Parade." Oh, so it was a big car. And there was this headline: "Child Is 6th Death In Waukesha Parade Crash." A crash is an accident. This was domestic terrorism.


Big Media is all in on the narrative of America as a white supremacist country. That's why the left-wing media bought into the Jussie Smollett hoax, whose trial for lying began today, and repeated so many lies about the Rittenhouse trial. 


But in Waukesha, the black defendant has a social media record of hatred toward whites. Thus, our leftist media does its best to shut the story down. 


Donald Trump got into serious trouble when he labeled the left-wing media "the enemy of the people." After all, a free and independent press is a cherished concept in America. But it is increasingly just that – a concept. 


Big Media is anything but free. It is completely controlled by left-wing ideologues who are not interested in serving the American people. They are leftists committed to spewing their propaganda just like Pravda in the old Soviet Union. And, as we have often noted, they are virtually indistinguishable from any anti-American state-controlled media outlet in Cuba or communist China. 




Real Domestic Terrorists


Just like last summer when the streets of America were turned over to Marxist, BLM revolutionaries, this winter the streets of America are being turned over to organized gangs of thieves. (Here, here, here and here.)


Is it too much to ask for the FBI to pull agents out of America's school board meetings and send them to our big cities to stop the people actually engaging in domestic terrorism? 


If you're going to a drug store to get needed medicines, or perhaps even your vaccination, and happen to be there when dozens of unrestrained thugs burst into the store, you are experiencing domestic terrorism.




The Intolerant Left


There's much more to the Kyle Rittenhouse saga than the actual facts of his case. There's passion on the left that we must understand. Just as it did to Nick Sandmann, the left is determined to crush the idea that Americans can fight back to take back our streets from leftist revolutionaries.


In Sandmann's case, the left tried to show the country that you can't even stand your ground politely without being called a white supremacist. In the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the left tried to show that you can't protect your property. In the Rittenhouse case, the left suggested you can't resist the mob and should just "take the beating."


The message the left has been sending for a long time is, "We own the streets!" 


So, now we have the verdict – not guilty on all counts. But the left can't let it go. They are still determined to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse. And what is so telling is exactly who on the left is trying to destroy him.


Student groups at Arizona State University, where Rittenhouse is taking courses online, are demanding that he be expelled because they don't feel safe on campus even when he's attending online. 


Who are these student groups with such a keen interest in what happened on the streets of Kenosha? They are Arizona State University Students for Socialism, ASU Students for Justice in Palestine, the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition and another group that wants to create a new Hispanic nation out of the American southwest. 


In other words, every left-wing group knows they are in it together. These groups viscerally know that they can't allow more Nick Sandmanns and Kyle Rittenhouses to emerge anywhere in America to confront the left's thuggery. 




Kudos To Enes Freedom


Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics became an American citizen today. To celebrate the event, he's legally changing his name to Enes Kanter Freedom. He is changing his name to honor America because he didn't have freedom in his native Turkey, and he has unapologetically called out LeBron James and the NBA for kowtowing to communist China.


Think about that. American-born LeBron James gets up every morning asking himself which communist posterior he has to kiss to keep Beijing happy, while Kanter Freedom wants to honor his adopted nation. 


America desperately needs more immigrants like Kanter Freedom, and we should give the spoiled Students for Socialism one-way tickets to Venezuela!




Happy Chanukah


Carol and I extend our warmest wishes to all our Jewish friends and supporters. As an evangelical Christian, I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Jewish faith and the state of Israel.


As the celebration of the miracle of lights continues, I promise to continue fighting against the darkness of anti-Semitism and working for the safety and security of America's friend and ally, Israel.