Targeting Trump, Preparing For The Worst, Impeachment Watch

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Targeting Trump


The left’s campaign to persecute Donald Trump relentlessly marches on.  Right now, New York progressives are attempting to destroy the Trump Organization, potentially bankrupting the former president and his family. 


In doing so, they are taking America down the dark and dangerous path of Soviet-era Stalinism, where the state prosecutes its political opponents.


In her opening monologue last night, Laura Ingraham addressed this sham of a trial, what it says about America today and why it should concern us all.  Ingraham noted that New York Attorney Letitia James based her 2018 campaign on prosecuting Donald Trump “every day.” 


Did any conservative attorney general make a similar vow – to prosecute Joe Biden “every day” after they took office?  As Ingraham noted, James should have been sanctioned by the New York Bar for such outrageous comments. 


That is so antithetical to our history and traditions.  We do not use our judicial system to criminalize political disagreements and punish political opponents.  That’s what totalitarian societies do.


There’s no wronged party in this case.  James is alleging that the Trump Organization committed fraud by overvaluing certain properties to get more favorable loans.  But no bank objected to the loans.  No lender is alleging fraud, and all loans were paid.


Moreover, banks are supposed to do their own due diligence before issuing loans.  If any bank objected to the valuations, it didn’t have to make the loans.


This is a dispute about property valuations, and neither the judge or Attorney General James are real estate experts.  But none of that matters.  Their goal is to bankrupt Trump and put him in jail. 


Like a communist regime, they want to remove any evidence that he ever existed.  They don’t want a single building in New York to bear the Trump name.  They want Donald Trump dead or sleeping on a sidewalk grate with all the other homeless they created. 




The Surrender Caucus


Meanwhile, too many GOP members of the Surrender Caucus still worry about the tone of conservative rhetoric.  They’re afraid of offending moderates and independents, while the left makes anyone who represents conservative values radioactive. 


This is not “Trump specific.”  Anyone who dares to resist the neo-Marxist left in the closing years of what it believes will be a permanent “fundamental transformation of America” will be destroyed.


Don’t fall for the fallacy that suggests all this animosity would disappear if Trump wasn’t around; that he is the reason for the left’s hostility.  The left has been doing this for decades.  Unlike others in our party, Trump decided to fight back and the left can’t tolerate that.


How is it that when Jamaal Bowman is caught on video pulling a fire alarm to disrupt Congress, he gets away with blaming “Nazi Republicans”? 


Sure, there are polite and decent candidates in the Republican presidential primary.  If you think their politeness will spare them, you’re not paying attention.  None of them have faced the full wrath of the left’s smear machine.


Never forget what left did to Brett Kavanaugh.  They accused him of being a gang rapist!  Kavanaugh only survived because Donald Trump refused to back down in the face of the left’s vicious lies.


Leftists compared John McCain to segregationist George Wallace. 


Joe Biden called Mitt Romney a racist who wanted to put black Americans “back in chains.”  Harry Reid called Romney a tax cheat on the Senate floor and was totally unapologetic about it. 


I don’t remember the McCain and Romney presidencies.  Oh, that’s right, neither of them won.




Preparing For The Worst


While House Republicans form circular firing squads and Trump is on trial, Russia is holding its first nationwide nuclear war drill across all 11 time zones.  The drill assumes Russia is under martial law and much of the nation has been destroyed. 


But wait. . . There’s more!


Tomorrow, the United States will conduct its own nationwide emergency test.  While not as dire as Russia’s nuclear war drill, around 2:20 pm tomorrow, cell phones all over the country will go off.  Around this time, radio and TV stations will air messages from the Emergency Alert System. 


Fox Business reports that this is only the second such national test to all cell phones in the past 11 years.


According to FEMA, this test is being conducted to “ensure that the systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level.” 


Sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but the timing certainly raises eyebrows.  As I have repeatedly warned, the possibility of miscalculations leading to the use of nuclear weapons grows daily under our mentally declining president.




Impeachment Watch


As Hunter Biden appears in court today to contest federal gun charges, House Republicans are drawing up their witness list for the next round of Biden impeachment hearings. 


Investigators with the House Judiciary Committee are reportedly taking testimony today from Matthew Graves, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia.  Mr. Graves, a donor and advisor to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, refused to allow U.S. Attorney David Weiss to charge Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C.


There are also reports that House Republicans want to hear testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski.  As you may recall, Bobulinski went public in 2020 with knowledge of how much the “Big Guy” was getting from the Biden family’s dealings with communist China.


Speaking of the “Big Guy,” forensic accountant Bruce Dubinsky told members of Congress that the use of codenames and pseudonyms is “very common” in financial crimes.  (Joe Biden sent more than 5,000 emails under the names of “Robin Ware” and “Robert L. Peters.”)


Of course, as we now know, the Biden Justice Department blocked IRS investigators from looking into the “Big Guy.”  That’s called obstruction of justice, and it’s an impeachable offense.




2024 Update


This week’s Morning Consult poll shows Donald Trump trouncing the GOP field.  Trump is at 61%, up three points since the second GOP debate, and 48 points ahead of his closest competitor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is at 13%.  No other candidate received double digit support.


The Morning Consult poll finds Trump and Biden tied at 43%, while Biden leads DeSantis 42% to 39%.


In addition, a new poll by Echelon Insights finds Trump leading Biden 46% to 43%.  In a three-way race with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., it’s Trump 40%, Biden 36% and Kennedy 14%.