Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Broken Obamacare Promise 

Obama Administration officials announced this week that they would miss a deadline for the implementation of a key Obamacare program designed to help small businesses. Starting next year, Obamacare was supposedly going to setup an exchange program specifically created to help small businesses purchase cheaper health insurance. 

But the New York Times reported that the small business exchanges won't be functioning until 2015. Small businesses purchasing health insurance through the exchange in 2014 will have only one option.

The small business exchange was a big selling point for Obamacare. As the Times notes, "The promise of affordable health insurance for small businesses was portrayed as a major advantage of the new health care law, mentioned often by White House officials and Democratic leaders in Congress as they fought opponents of the legislation." 

Liberals are furious. TIME's Joe Klein ripped into Obama in a column entitled "Obamacare Incompetence." He was livid that the bureaucrats were giving the impression that big government was incompetent. Well guess what, Joe? Big government is incompetent. 

Obama Shows His Solidarity 

President Obama is taking a pay cut thanks to sequestration. The White House announced yesterday that Obama would give up 5% of his salary "in a move intended to symbolize solidarity with federal workers." What about showing some solidarity with the taxpayers?

The only reason the Senate produced a budget this year is because the House of Representatives passed legislation suspending congressional salaries if no budget was approved. That is what it took to get Senate liberals to do their jobs. Taxpaying voters should be outraged! But as usual the media ignored the story. 

While I'm glad Obama is taking the pay cut, here's a better idea: Let's pay our presidents based on performance. If the unemployment rate goes up, the president loses pay. If it goes down, he gets a raise. Maybe that would help focus Washington's attention on the economy. 

Jobless benefits spiked this week by 28,000 to the highest figure so far this year. What's Obama doing? He's attending fundraisers in San Francisco. 

Speaking Of San Francisco… 

How radical is the left in America? So radical that it thinks Obama is too moderate. Hundreds of San Francisco radicals gathered to protest Obama's fundraiser last night. Some were there opposing the Keystone pipeline. According to a recent Pew poll, 66% of Americans, including 54% of Democrats, support the pipeline.

Some were in orange jumpsuits demanding the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, be closed. Others were opposing the use of drone strikes against foreign terrorists. A Gallup poll last month found that 65% of Americans supported the use of drone strikes against suspected foreign terrorists. 

While it is easy to mock the left as out-of-touch, the protest shows why the left often succeeds. It makes its voice heard and it is relentless. It is another reminder of why men and women of faith must remain engaged in the public policy arena. The left is fighting for its values. We must do the same! That is why I encourage you to contact your members of Congress now and let them know where you stand on the meaning of marriage. 

Speaking Up For Marriage 

Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, recently discussed the Republican Party's attempts to moderate its position on values issues. He described the effort as a "pathetic attempt" to align the party with the whims of today's pop culture. He warns GOP elites that they are "totally out-of-touch" with the party's base when it comes to normal marriage and should heed warnings of conservative leaders like Mike Huckabee and me. Click here to listen to his podcast. 

Speaking Up For Life 

I received several emails today from readers of this daily report who were shocked that they had never heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell before reading yesterday's "End of Day." It's not their fault. The left-wing, pro-abortion media do not want the public to know about Dr. Gosnell and the reality of abortion-on-demand. 

But the American people must know what is being done in the name of "choice." Dr. Gosnell's "house of horrors" is a consequence of the coarsening of our culture that comes from the daily destruction of innocent human life. You can read more in my latest column entitled "A House of Horrors in Philadelphia."