What The Resistance Hath Wrought, A New Reign of Terror, Jussie's Hate

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What The Resistance Hath Wrought
Several headlines today got me thinking about what we are reaping because the left and its deep state allies could not accept the results of a presidential election. 
Why has there been such resistance?  Because the left saw 2016 as the final remaking of America.  One more left-wing presidency would finish the fundamental transformation of America. 
Liberal courts would tear out the Judeo-Christian roots that grounded this nation, making us no different from Europe and the rest of the world.  But "President Hillary Clinton" did not get the opportunity to fill the Scalia seat or the Kennedy seat on the Supreme Court.
The Resistance gave birth to the deep state effort to destroy then-candidate Trump and later President Trump using the powers given to our national security apparatus to defeat foreign enemies. 
The deep state's outrageous abuse of power and its attempted coup is one of the biggest scandals in American history.  Sadly, it remains unclear whether anyone will ever be brought to justice.
Paul Manafort cheated on his taxes.  Roger Stone may have talked to Wikileaks.  Gen. Flynn lobbied without filing the proper paperwork.  A good portion of the American legal system is out to crush them because they are seen as proxies for the man they really want to crush – Donald Trump. 
Meanwhile, former heads of the CIA and the FBI and their deputies are making millions on book deals and doing more than Vladimir Putin could ever do to undermine a president of the United States.
A New Reign Of Terror
Let's not forget how all of this has affected normalcy in America and the lives of everyday people.  Eight years of Barack Obama followed by the resistance to Trump has unleashed a fanatical left-wing "reign of terror," which now seem to be a regular part of American life. 
It was evident on inauguration weekend when radical demonstrators disrupted inaugural ceremonies, harassed conservatives, who saved hard-earned money to come to Washington, and rioted in our nation's capital.  None of them were ever found guilty of anything.
It quickly segued into the public harassment and physical threats against officials like Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, Senators Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell, and commentators like Tucker Carlson. 
Even regular Americans were soon subjected to harassment and intimidation.  Depending on where you live, you are at risk of assault for wearing a MAGA hat. 
Catholics and evangelicals are being regularly smeared by the political left, its media allies and some former Republican #NeverTrumpers.  The Catholic Covington high school boys, who not only wore MAGA hats but were also serious about their faith and pro-life beliefs, were subjected to a media lynch mob eager to exploit a narrative for political gain, the boys' lives be damned.
National monuments to America's founders have been subjected to a barrage of vandalism and demonization as "genocidal slave owners."  Any symbol of normalcy, like our national anthem, is radicalized by the left.
Support for law enforcement is targeted by cowardly left-wing fanatics.  Over the weekend, the National Border Patrol Museum in El Paso, Texas, became the scene of a demonstration by masked radicals.  It ended with a memorial to fallen agents being vandalized. 
If you don't think this can come to your neighborhood, think again.  A seven year-old boy in Texas was selling hot chocolate to help raise money to build the wall.  He was mocked as a "little Hitler."  
I want to reiterate a point I have made several times:  Some of this is because the left hates Trump.  But why does it hate Trump so much? 
Many liberal politicians loved Trump years ago when they were accustomed to asking him for campaign donations.  But they hate him now.  Why?
Because just as the left was on the verge of destroying the last vestige of traditional America, the one that believes liberty comes from God, then came this unlikely charge from a billionaire populist.  Trump probably hasn't read the Federalist Papers, but he knew in his gut that something was dangerously wrong in America.  By sheer willpower he has stopped the left – for now.
Jussie's Hate
As we wrote yesterday, Jussie Smollett was not the victim of a hate crime.  He perpetrated one. 
He committed a crime by faking an attack on himself and faking a mail threat against himself. Why would he do that?  Because he wanted to hurt and demonize the people he claimed did those things to him.  Who's that?  Trump supporters.  White people.  Conservatives.  Christians. 
Smollett was trying to strengthen the narrative that the Resistance has been promoting.  He may have made some dumb mistakes, but he knew that if he filed a police report our identity obsessed media, lacking real journalistic standards, would magnify his claim that a black man, a gay man, a liberal man had been attacked by hateful conservatives.
Smollett appears not to have been hurt by anybody, but he was doing his best to hurt conservative Americans.  And that is a real hate crime.
Here's one final thought on Chicago and media generally.
Since the beginning of the year, at least 187 people have been shot in gun-controlled Chicago.  Many of these victims have been children and teenagers.  Not one of those deaths was seen as very important to the left-wing media and the progressive political movement. 
A 12 year-old boy shot in Chicago, oh well.  But a liberal actor threatened by a guy in a MAGA hat, that demands the nation's attention. 
This is frustrating and so perverse!
Why is Jussie Smollett more important than the lives being snuffed out every weekend in Chicago because of the breakdown of the family and the failure of left-wing policies?