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Another Anti-Israel Protest, The Ferguson Warning

Another Anti-Israel Protest


What the media called “another anti-Israel protest” took place yesterday in New York City.  These protests are happening virtually every day in major cities like Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C.  And we really should pay more attention. 


It would be disturbing enough if they were only “anti-Israel demonstrations.”


The Left's War On Normacly, The Indoctrinated Generation, Confronting Communist China

The Left’s War On Normalcy


We’ve reached a new low in Washington with the disgusting story that broke late Friday.  A Democrat congressional aide evidently thought it would be a really good idea to film himself having gay sex in a historic Senate committee room.


The Culture War, About Those Books, The Boston Tea Party

The Culture War


The progressive left is at war with every normal and decent impulse in our country.  And it’s non-stop. 


They’ve undermined love of country by rewriting our history (see below) and turning our schools and universities into radical indoctrination centers.  As a result, patriotism among our youth is at rock bottom. 


Biden's Impeachment Advances, Reclaiming Our Campuses, Bigotry In Boston

Biden’s Impeachment Advances


The House of Representatives voted late yesterday evening to approve a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, giving key House committees more subpoena power as they investigate the Bidens.  The vote was 221 to 212, with all Republicans voting “yes” and all Democrats voting “no.”


Biden Impeachment Inquiry, The Democrats' Hamas Wing, Voter Fraud Is Real

Biden Impeachment Inquiry


The House of Representatives is expected to vote this evening on a resolution authorizing a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.  It will be a very close vote because the House is so narrowly divided.


The War On Christmas, Muzzling Christians, Secular Globalism

The War On Christmas


Have you noticed that every Easter someone in Big Media or some scientist, maybe a professor or even a theologian makes headlines when they claim wrongly that the resurrection of Christ is a myth or just a nice story? 


This annual Easter attack on our faith is as predictable as the first flowers of spring.


One Down Two To Go, Saturday Night Losers, An Awakening

One Down; Two To Go


Last week’s hearing on the crisis of anti-Semitism at American colleges and universities continues to reverberate.  University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill resigned late Saturday evening.  Steven Bok, chairman of the board of trustees, also resigned.


Biden Busted Again, The Neo-Marxist Threat, Defending Faith, Family & Freedom

Biden Busted Again


After five years of lengthy investigations that eventually morphed into a special counsel investigation, Hunter Biden was just hit with nine more charges related to tax fraud, including 3 felonies. 


Multiple reports suggest he’s facing a potential sentence of 17 years in jail.  I don’t believe he will serve one day, as I have explained before.


Remember Pearl Harbor, Biden's Border Crisis, White House Revolt

Remember Pearl Harbor


Eighty-two years ago today, Americans woke up to the shocking news of a surprise attack on our Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  As storm clouds gathered in Europe and Asia, Americans in the 1930s wanted to avoid the problems of the world.  But the enemy rarely gives you a vote, and Pearl Harbor gave us no choice. 


Moral Clarity, Exposing Anti-Semitism, Faith Under Siege

Stand With American Values