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Floyd vs. Riley, Trump's Big Win, Operation Chaos

Floyd vs. Riley


Remember the death of George Floyd? It dominated the news for weeks. It triggered a national conversation on race and policing.


There were four separate funerals to accommodate all the politicians and dignitaries who wanted to reap some political benefit from his death. Streets were named after him. Bills were passed in multiple states in his name.


Trump Defends Faith, The Hamas Squad, Left-wing Lunacy

Trump Defends Faith


Former President Donald Trump addressed the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, Tennessee, yesterday.  He received a very warm reception from the large audience of faith-based media influencers.


Biden's Border Lies, Media Bias, Garbage In & Garbage Out

Biden’s Border Lies


There was breaking news late yesterday that the Biden administration is planning “a string of new executive actions . . . in an effort to curb migration at the U.S. southern border.”


Sources familiar with the plans say an announcement of these new policies will likely be timed around the upcoming State of the Union address.


Growing Christian Persecution, Trump's Town Hall, Migrantifa

Growing Christian Persecution


Many Christians in America are painfully aware of the horrible persecution that is inflicted on our brothers and sisters overseas by hostile governments and Islamic supremacists.


But what many don’t seem to realize is that there is growing hatred and violence against Christians here in America. And if it isn’t stopped, outright persecution isn’t far behind.


Biden vs. Bibi, Tlaib vs. Biden, Blinken's Blunder

Biden vs. Bibi


The United States vetoed a pro-Hamas resolution at the U.N. Security Council today calling for a permanent ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist terrorist group. That’s the good news.


Sanctuary Churches, Willis goes Wild, Putin Opponent Dead

Sanctuary Churches


If you weren’t already angry enough over what’s happening at the border and because so many of our pastors aren’t involved in any issues outside their churches, there’s reason today to be even more angry about the border and a church that got involved in the wrong way.


Nothing New, Why Now, The Binder

Nothing New


We reported yesterday about the unusual and vague warning from Rep. Mike Turner, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Things got even more unusual overnight.


It has now been widely reported that the threat involved a “Russian space-based anti-satellite nuclear weapon.”


Really? That’s it?


Serious Threat, Mayorkas Impeached, Biden Betrays Israel

Serious Threat


Rep. Mike Turner, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, posted an ominous message this afternoon that has Washington buzzing. In a statement, Chairman Turner wrote:


“Today, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has made available to all Members of Congress information concerning a serious national security threat.


Trans Cheaters, Release The Tapes, Fighting For Border Security

Trans Cheaters


Nothing infuriates people more than when a team or an athlete cheats in a sports contest. When we learn that an athlete set records while taking steroids, we’re angry that he cheated and made a mockery of everyone who played by the rules.


Super Bowl Stirs Controversy, Biden's Border Disaster, Too Old

Super Bowl Stirs Controversy


Congratulations to the victorious Kansas City Chiefs and the defeated San Francisco 49ers. That was an amazing game, particularly the second half.


The Super Bowl is a big deal culturally in America. It has an incredible audience, estimated to be at least 100 million viewers. That’s a big reason why Super Bowl ads are so expensive. This year, a 30-second commercial cost $7 million!