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Angry & Fed Up, Betraying American Girls, Big Government Strikes Back

Betraying American Girls


American Girl is an iconic American company that has sold millions of dolls and books to little girls over the years.  Sadly, it has now joined the radical forces attacking normalcy and undermining parents.  It is spreading confusion and evil in the minds of little children. 


Remember Pearl Harbor, Musk Fires FBI Lawyer, Paul vs. Wray

Remember Pearl Harbor


Eighty-one years ago today, Americans woke up to the shocking news of a surprise attack on our Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  As storm clouds gathered in Europe and Asia, Americans in the 1930s wanted to avoid the problems of the world.  But the enemy rarely gives you a vote, and Pearl Harbor gave us no choice. 


The RINO Stampede, Defending The First Amendment, Biden's IRS Is Coming For You

The RINO Stampede


Who knows what’s going to happen in the Georgia Senate runoff election today.  But suffice it to say that Republican leaders raised expectations about the 2022 midterm elections that did not hold up, and the party’s conservative base is now seriously demoralized.


So, with that in mind, what are these “leaders” doing now that they’re back in the Swamp?  Well, it looks like there’s a RINO stampede. 


Musk vs. The Deep State, Media Malfeasance, More First Amendment Threats

Musk vs. The Deep State


Kudos to Elon Musk for making extraordinary efforts to expose the truth about censorship at Twitter!  Here’s the key to understanding the controversy.


Biden's Silence, We're All Cooked, Let Go

Biden’s Silence Speaks Volumes


Yesterday, President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron held a joint press conference at the White House.  As Biden was leaving the stage, an NBC News reporter, just 15 feet away, called out, “Sir, do you have a message to protesters in China? You spoke about [recent protests in] Iran.”


Government Liars, Election Interference, Mixed Messages & Bad Science

Government Liars


Yesterday, Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) released new information about the Biden Administration’s effort to form a “Ministry of Truth” that would censor online information. 


You may recall that these neo-Marxists euphemistically called it the “Disinformation Governance Board,” and it was going to be housed within the Department of Homeland Security. 


Betrayal, Bad Apple, California Crazy



Americans have gotten used to Washington politicians lying to them.  But even by Washington’s standards, the lie that prevailed in the Senate yesterday was a whopper. 


Forty-nine out of 50 Democrat senators and 12 out of 50 Republican senators voted “yes” on the misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act.” 


Why Musk Matters, Biden Opposes Free Speech, A Bad Deal

Giving Tuesday


Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday is over. Today is Giving Tuesday!


All over America today, millions of people will give to their favorite non-profit groups.  


Click here now to show your support for American Values.


Here’s another reason to stand with American Values now:  All donations received today through the end of the year will be DOUBLED!

Keep Calling, Silencing Speech & Threatening Faith

Keep Calling!


Give Thanks

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