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Thank You, A Great Resolution, The Assault On The Family

Thank You!


2023 is officially over. You have been generous in your response, but we still ended the year quite a bit short of our minimum goal. But if the pattern of previous years holds, there will be enough donations that arrive in the mail over the next week.


We are praying that the days ahead will provide the resources we need to ensure our success in this critical decision year. We will let you know the final results.


Canceling Elections, My Prayer for 2024

Late yesterday, Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows issued an order removing Donald Trump from the ballot, citing the “insurrection clause” of the 14th Amendment.

Her decision, like the Colorado Supreme Court decision, is a direct attack on your God-given rights as an American.

The Atomic Ayatollah, Anti-Israel Idiots, Eco Anti-Semitism, The Kids Are Not Okay

If there wasn’t already enough bad news in the headlines, we just got a shocking report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, that Iran has tripled its production of near weapons-grade uranium.

Experts say that it could take Iran as little as two weeks to turn this 60% uranium into full weapons-grade capability. It is believed that Iran now possesses enough uranium to make at least three nuclear bombs.

Why is this so disturbing?

The Reason For The Season, A Striking Contrast, Faith Under Siege

The Reason For The Season


Earlier this week, millions of Americans and people around the world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. It is one of the most sacred events on the Christian calendar. Jesus’s birth is what Christmas is all about.


But something strange and disturbing happened at the Biden White House. There was no official statement from the Biden White House regarding Christmas Day, no official Christmas proclamation.


Smith v. Trump, The Intolerant Left, Targeting Christmas

Smith v. Trump


As we have reported, Special Counsel Jack Smith is very eager to get a conviction against Donald Trump as soon as possible. His best chance involves the case filed against Trump in the Washington, D.C., federal court system currently before Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointee.


Hope And Blessings

Hope And Blessings


The battle continues in Washington as it does every day.  2023 has been an extremely challenging year in our nation’s capital and throughout much of the country. 


We have struggled through another year of economic malaise and all kinds of unfortunate headlines from shocking crime waves and Senate sex scandals to record illegal immigration and drug overdoses.


Meese v. Smith, The Need For Strength, Xi's Threat

Meese v. Smith


Former Attorney General Ed Meese is arguing before the Supreme Court that the appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith was illegal and unconstitutional.


The Colorado Catastrophe, The Real Threat, Leftist Hypocrisy

The Colorado Catastrophe


Ironically, yesterday’s decision by the Colorado Supreme Court banning Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot was both shocking and yet expected. It also, yet again, exposed the extremism of the neo-Marxist left.


While the left screams hysterically about “defending our democracy,” it is, in fact, attempting to overthrow our constitutional system.


Another Anti-Israel Protest, The Ferguson Warning

Another Anti-Israel Protest


What the media called “another anti-Israel protest” took place yesterday in New York City.  These protests are happening virtually every day in major cities like Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C.  And we really should pay more attention. 


It would be disturbing enough if they were only “anti-Israel demonstrations.”


The Left's War On Normacly, The Indoctrinated Generation, Confronting Communist China

The Left’s War On Normalcy


We’ve reached a new low in Washington with the disgusting story that broke late Friday.  A Democrat congressional aide evidently thought it would be a really good idea to film himself having gay sex in a historic Senate committee room.