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Not Again?!, Outrage, Flynn Charged, Hope For America

Not Again?!

Debate Begins, Dealing With Krazy Kim, Trump Ends Appeasement

Debate Begins

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Korea Crisis

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Another Radical Imam

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Trump Pushes Tax Reform

Be Thankful

Be Thankful

I love Thanksgiving.  It's not just a day off work, a day devoted to parades and football, not even to turkeys and pumpkin pies. As the name makes clear, it is about giving thanks to God for the blessings we enjoy.

Thanksgiving traces its origins back to the Pilgrims -- those hardy pioneers who arrived on the shores of North America and, against all odds, carved a nation out of the wilderness. They came to the New World not seeking fortune, but freedom. Specifically, the freedom to worship God as they wished.

What Did She Do?, Kudos To Walker, Stand

What Did She Do?

Fallen Heroes, Great Disrespect, "Undisputed Leader"

Fallen Heroes

D.C. Rocked, Operation Raging Bull, Kudos To Grassley

D.C. Rocked

A Big Win, Clinton Chutzpah, "Thank you, President Trump"

A Big Win
The House of Representatives today passed the first major tax reform bill since the Reagan era.  The vote was 227-to-205. 
No Democrats voted for the bill. Of the 13 Republicans who voted against it, 12 came from three high-tax blue states:  California, New Jersey and New York.  They were opposed to the elimination of the deduction for state income taxes and a cap on local property tax deductions.