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Biden’s Secret Documents, Academic Reparations, Chicago’s Children At Risk

Biden’s Secret Documents


Speaker McCarthy, Biden's Border Photo Op, No To Amnesty

Speaker McCarthy


As you know, the impasse among Republicans in the House of Representatives was broken early Saturday morning. After a modern day record of 15 roll call votes, Kevin McCarthy was finally elected speaker of the House.


The breakthrough came after tough negotiations with House conservatives that stretched on into the wee hours of Saturday morning.  


Biden's Border Lies, America's Most Shameless, Still Voting

Biden’s Border Lies


In the surest sign yet that Joe Biden plans to run for reelection, he has suddenly discovered that there is a crisis at our southern border.  In fact, there are reports that he is planning to actually visit the southern border this weekend after having ignored it for the past 40 years! 


What's Really Embarrassing, Ending Business As Usual, McCarthy Makes Concessions
History In The House, The Hour Is Late, Progressive Election Deniers

History In The House


History was made in the House of Representatives yesterday.  For the first time in 100 years, the majority party was unable to elect a speaker on the first ballot.   Or the second ballot.  Or even the third ballot.


Prayers For Damar, The Kids Are Not Alright, Al Qaeda Threatens New Attacks

Thank You!


My Prayer For 2023

My Prayer For 2023


China Does It Again, Descending Into Anarchy

China Does It Again


As communist China struggles to contain a massive COVID outbreak, it is once again seeding the world with sick “tourists.”  Half of the passengers on two recent flights from China to Milan, Italy, tested positive for COVID.


The Supremes Step In, Root Causes

The Supremes Step In


In a surprising development late yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-to-4 that the Trump Administration’s Title 42 policy would continue to remain in effect at the southern border. 


Christmas Revelations, Speaking Of Communist China

Christmas Revelations


There were more astonishing revelations about the full extent of the Deep State’s involvement with Twitter over the Christmas holiday weekend.