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A Bad Border Bill, The Blame Game, Actions Matter

A Bad Border Bill


Last night, the senators who have been secretly negotiating a so-called “border security bill” for several months finally released the text of their legislation. 


I’m not going to summarize the entirety of this 370-page monstrosity. But several things jumped out immediately, any one of which should doom this deal.  For example:


America Last, Schumer Scrambles, Betraying Israel

America Last


You probably don’t know the name Jhoan Boada, but he has become the symbol of the left’s America last policies.


It was very revealing when this thug looked into the cameras this week and gave you and the rest of the country the middle finger (on both hands!) as he walked out scot-free, without having to post a dollar in bail. This after viciously attacking two New York City police officers.


Confronting Communist China, Persecution In America, Biden's Open Border

Confronting Communist China


There were two important hearings on Capitol Hill yesterday regarding cybersecurity. Most of the media focused on a Senate hearing into what social media companies are doing to our children.


Kudos to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for forcing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to apologize to the parents in the hearing room.


Weaponizing The Law, Biden's Border Lies, A Year Later

Weaponizing The Law


I was outraged yesterday as news broke that six more pro-life activists were convicted in Tennessee for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. These peaceful protesters are now facing the possibility of crushing fines and 11 years in jail.


Failing Again, That Terrible Deal, TPA vs. The RNC

Failing Again


Yesterday, we told you about the absurd statement from White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre on the deaths of three military heroes in Jordan. She referred to them as “folks fighting for the administration.” What?!


Biden's Failed Foreign Policy, No Deal, The Useless U.N.

Biden’s Failed Foreign Policy


Biden's Alien Invasion, Don't Mess With Texas, Never Again

Biden’s Alien Invasion


Ten top former FBI officials have sent an extraordinary letter to congressional leaders. They warned that America is currently facing “one of the most pernicious” threats to our national security they have ever witnessed.


Biden's Border Standoff, Conservatives Fight Back, Your Feedback

Biden’s Border Standoff


Joe Biden is allowing an invasion of the United States. It’s undeniable. Illegal immigration has broken records every year of his presidency, and the ONLY thing he has done is make the problem even worse.


In fact, some conservative pundits are, appropriately in my view, referring to the border crisis as “Biden’s insurrection against America.”


Trump Trounces Haley, Biden Wins, Democrat Divisions

Trump Trounces Haley


When Ron DeSantis dropped out of the Republican presidential contest Sunday, Nikki Haley got the “two-person race” she wanted. Last night, she got trounced by Donald Trump.


Some pundits are claiming that Haley “overperformed” in New Hampshire and earned the right to fight on. Let’s be honest: Trump’s 12-point win was a landslide.


Open Borders Biden, The Stupid Party, Biden's Abortion Crisis

Open Borders Biden


I was very disappointed yesterday to learn that Chief Justice John Roberts was able to convince Justice Amy Coney Barrett to join him and the three liberal justices in ordering Texas to remove wire barriers on the southern border.


While this 5-to-4 order wasn’t a decision on the merits, which the justices will consider later, it was a bad sign for the future of the case.