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Coronavirus Pandemic, HHS Hacked, The Debate

Coronavirus Pandemic
The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting most nations in the world.  Germany announced today that it is sealing its borders.  But I doubt that out of power political parties in most nations are so unashamedly trying to exploit the tragedy to destroy their political opponents as much as the American left and its media allies are doing right now.

Declaration of National Emergency, Getting Back To Basics, America’s Body Politic

Breaking News: Declaration of National Emergency
This afternoon President Trump declared a National Emergency on the Chinese Coronavirus. This action frees up as much as $50 billion in funding for hard hit communities. The president urged each state to establish their own State Centers of Emergency.
His action also gives the HHS Secretary the power to wave bureaucratic regulations.

Trump Reassures The Nation, Coronavirus Exposes Media

Trump Reassures The Nation
President Trump spoke to the nation last night from the Oval Office. His update on the coronavirus was exactly the type of calming, reassuring message that the country needed to hear. (If you missed his address, you can watch it online here.)

Biden The Bully, Hillary In The Hot Seat, Are Dem Voters Rejecting Socialism

Biden The Bully
Former Vice President Joe Biden continued to have success in the Democratic primaries yesterday, with wins in Michigan and several other states. It increasingly looks like it’ll be a Trump-Biden matchup come November.
Everything both men do between now and Election Day will be put under a microscope.
Which is why I think the Biden campaign should be worried about something that happened yesterday in Michigan.

No Time To Panic, Children At Risk

No Time To Panic
Monday was quite a day in Washington. President Trump simultaneously managed two hugely important meetings at the White House. One meeting convened the best medical minds in America. Its purpose was to address the next phase of the novel coronavirus emergency. Just down the hall, a group of our top economic officials met to develop proposals to help Americans suffering from the economic effects of the outbreak.  

Coronavirus Update, Purim

Coronavirus Update
While this is the End of Day report, I’m actually writing early on Monday as I head into Washington for a day-long meeting of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.
Things may change dramatically by the time you receive this, but as of early this morning, it was apparent that the world’s financial markets are in the grips of a panic.

Coronavirus & Economics , The Response, What Else

Coronavirus & Economics
Given the mass hysteria that we're getting from the media, I want to provide some thoughts and analysis on the coronavirus and the economy.  
But, first, I want to offer my condolences to those who have lost family members and loved ones to this new virus.  More people will be infected and additional lives will be lost.  Those impacted are in our prayers.
The Economy

Schumer's Supreme Slander, Violent & Silence, Coronavirus Update

Schumer's Supreme Slander
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer caused a firestorm of controversy yesterday.  Addressing a raucous protest in front of the Supreme Court as the justices were hearing the Louisiana abortion case, Schumer said this:

Biden's Super Day, The Fallout, Roberts In The Middle

Biden's Super Day
In spite of bad polls and some bad press, Joe Biden beat expectations in Super Tuesday's voting.  Last night, Biden swept the southern states, aided by strong support from black voters, and he also scored surprising wins in Maine, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

The Delusional Left, Speaking Of Elections, Getting Tough On China

The Delusional Left
It's always important to keep things in proper perspective.  That is particularly important as the nation grapples with the fallout from the novel coronavirus, which has infected 100 Americans and killed six people.  Sadly, more people died last night from the tornadoes that ripped through Tennessee