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Biden's Disgusting Apology, The Left's Radical Agenda, The Intolerant Left

Biden’s Disgusting Apology


By now, most Americans have heard about the brutal murder of Laken Riley, a young Christian nursing student in Georgia, at the hands of a criminal illegal alien thug from Venezuela.


In the State of the Union address, Joe Biden tried to mention the young woman but didn’t pay enough attention to even get her name right. Her parents were furious.


Biden's Bizarre Speech, A Strange Beginning, The Speaker's Guests

Biden Bizarre Speech


Over the years, I have watched more State of the Union addresses than I care to admit.  I had significant input on eight of them when I worked for President Ronald Reagan. 


Some are underwhelming. Most are forgettable in a few days. That address last night was the most bizarre and disappointing State of the Union speech I have ever seen.


The State Of The Union, Trump's Challenge, Say Her Name

The State Of The Union


President Biden is delivering the annual State of the Union address tonight. He will likely continue the long tradition of presidents declaring, “The state of our union is strong.” It’s possible, if not likely, that he might add, “But our democracy is under attack.”


There are many different people in America, and the state of the union for them varies widely. For example, what’s the state of the union for taxpayers? It’s rock bottom.


Trump Dominates, Haley Drops Out, Looking Ahead

Trump Dominates


As you know, Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday, winning 14 out of 15 states and capturing 722 delegates to Nikki Haley’s 46 delegates.


While Haley won Vermont, she lost two other states (Massachusetts and Virginia) that some commentators thought she might win. They weren’t even close. Haley lost Massachusetts by 23 points, and she lost Virginia by 28 points.


A look at the Virginia exit poll explains why.


A Revealing Reaction, Raskin To The Rescue, Super Tuesday

A Revealing Reaction


Many on the left are still shocked by yesterday’s unanimous decision from the Supreme Court. They just can’t accept that all nine justices, including the three liberal justices, said it was totally unacceptable for a state to keep a major competitor to the incumbent president off the ballot.


That’s not what we do in America. Not yet, anyway. (See next item.) But their hysterical reactions revealed an important truth.


Trump Wins, Election Results, Israel Under Siege

Trump Wins


Say Her Name, Back To The Border, More Biden Lies

Say Her Name


I delivered a message to the president today. You can read it below or listen to it here as I recorded it for my daily commentary on the Bott Radio Network. I can guarantee the White House will throw it away, and if I’m not already on the neo-Marxists’ enemies list, this will do it. Here’s a copy of my message to the president.



Mr. President:


Laken Riley. Laken Riley. Why won’t you say her name?


Miles Apart, Righteous Anger, Not Their Best

Miles Apart On The Border


Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump were both at the southern border today. They were not at the same location, however. They went to very different places more than 300 miles apart, and they are even further apart when it comes to immigration policy.


It’s not surprising to see these dueling appearances. Illegal immigration is now the top concern among voters.


Blood Money, Michigan Results, About That Airman

“Blood Money”


Hunter Biden finally testified this morning before House Republicans, who are trying to figure out what Biden family members did to earn the millions of dollars they received from foreign interests, including communist China.


Baby Olivia, Truth & Rights, Election Misinformation

Baby Olivia


The pro-life group Live Action, led by Lila Rose, has created an excellent educational video called “Baby Olivia.” In just over three minutes, it shows the development of Baby Olivia in her mother’s womb.  


The video was developed with advice from six doctors, including experts in anatomy, biochemistry, and neuroscience. There’s no activism in the video, just the facts.