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Stand With Me, Speaking Of Media Bias, Good News

Stand With Me

Stand With Me, FBI Admits The Obvious, Trump's Triumphs

Stand With Me

Big Changes At The Bureau, Do We Know It’s Christmas?

Big Changes At The Bureau

Putting Christ In Christmas

Putting Christ In Christmas

BOOM, The Real Scandal, Follow Me


Trump & Congress Deliver, Good News On Life, Something Extraordinary

Trump & Congress Deliver

Personal Note, Tax Cuts Are Coming, Putting America First

Personal Note 

History In The Making, Obama Colluded With Iran, Chick-fil-A Saves The Day, A Hero Remembered

History In The Making

History will be made this week as congressional Republicans stand on the verge of enacting historic tax reform.  This has not been done since the Reagan era.  The Hill reports, "GOP On Precipice Of Major End-Of-Year Tax Victory."

ISIS Threatens Christmas, Speaking Of Christmas, Trump Praises Law Enforcement

ISIS Threatens Christmas

About That Insurance, Gowdy Gets It, Speaking Of Distortions

About That Insurance. . .