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Trump's Statement, Death To America, Fighting For Fairness

Trump’s Statement


Former President Donald Trump issued a statement this morning on his Truth Social platform outlining his position on abortion.


The statement was necessary because the Biden campaign believes they can defeat Trump, take back the House and hold the Senate if they can convince the public that Trump would outlaw all abortions. No matter what he said, it was guaranteed that someone would be disappointed.


The Betrayal Continues, No Moral Equivalence, Communist Chutzpah

The Betrayal Continues


What is happening right now to the U.S.-Israel alliance is a monumental shift in the wrong direction at the worst possible time.


Israel and the United States have the same enemy. That enemy is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Never forget that Iran calls America, not Israel, “the Great Satan.”


Biden's Interference, Confronting Communist China, NOW Goes Nuts

Biden’s Interference


There is a shocking report from Caroline Glick of the Jewish News Syndicate regarding the recent protests that have erupted in Israel.


According to Glick, one of the protest leaders indicated in a WhatsApp group chat that he has been communicating with officials in the Biden administration. He then went on to explain that the Biden White House has a “four-part plan” to bring down the Netanyahu government.

A Strange Alliance, Biden's Border Crisis, Threatening Democracy

A Strange Alliance


During the 2020 “Summer of Love,” so-called “autonomous zones” sprouted up in various progressive cities. Left-wing radicals took over parts of a city and declared them to no longer be covered by U.S. law, while progressive politicians did absolutely nothing. Predictably, businesses were destroyed, and people were killed.


The Big Picture, Statement Of Support, Damage Control

The Big Picture


The understandable controversy regarding Joe Biden’s smear of Easter Sunday was the timing of his “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation, which he released on Good Friday. But, by itself, that misses the main point. 


A Widow's Righteous Anger, Easter Without Jesus, Insulting & Dangerous

Stand With Me


Our values are under attack like never before. That’s no exaggeration, my friends. America is at a tipping point.


Please help me fight back!  Stand with me now!




A Widow’s Righteous Anger


Good News

The Good News


A Striking Contrast, Goodbye Joe, Insane Senate Vote

A Striking Contrast


Every day we get another example of the growing disconnect between normal Americans and the “governing class” who are infected with globalism, neo-Marxism, and moral relativism.


The Intolerant Left, The Tolerance Trap, Off The Rails

The Intolerant Left


Well, that didn’t last long. On Friday, NBC News announced that it had hired former RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel to be a conservative voice on the network.


She was immediately savaged by the network’s leading hosts. Facing a major rebellion, NBC’s leadership reversed course and fired McDaniel yesterday.


Official Story, Biden's Flag Fight, Mysterious Ways

Official Story


A cargo ship on its way out of Baltimore Harbor lost power, lost backup power, and then crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing its collapse and the loss of life. Baltimore police and rescue officials immediately assured us there was no evidence of terrorism or foul play. Accidents do happen.


But. . .